Highlighted 2014 Winners

Central Region: Daniel Brazil, Awarded $500

Daniel Brazil wants to establish a first ascent in Wyoming’s Cloud Peak Wilderness Mountain Range to honor Todd Skinner and Paul Piana. Daniel has set into motion a plan to climb 50 inspiring ascents by the time he reaches 50 years of age. By documenting this journey on his website, climb50x50.com, Daniel hopes to inspire others to reach for their own adventure.

The other winners in the Central Region are:

Eric Carter, $300
Ronald Schilb, $200
James Schroeder, $500
Sarah Micheels, $500

Northeast Region: Hanna Lucy, Awarded $1,000

New Englander Hanna Lucy, with her partner Alexa Siegel, seek to climb the Regular Route on Half Dome in a day. As Hanna puts it:

“Alexa and I are positively giddy when we think of attempting this climb. Since we first started climbing together, we have dreamed of taking a trip to climb a big objective like this. With support from the American Alpine Club, we can travel to Yosemite and fulfill our dream of being our own big wall rope guns!”

Hanna and Alexa will share their experience via a photo essay that focuses on their friendship and love of climbing.

The other winners in the Northeast Region are:

Daniel Chen, $700
Brandon Martin, $700
Zeb Engberg, $1,200
Griffin Biedron, $200
Christopher Desir, $700
Stephen Scott, $500

Northwest Region: Vanessa Burdick & Kathryn Schlaich, Awarded $400 each

Vanessa Burdick and Kathryn Schlaich spent the last year challenging each other on the steep routes at Smith Rock. Kathryn and Vanessa aim to break down gender stereotypes and encourage other female climbers to live their dreams, regardless of their ability. From Kathryn’s grant application:

“As a woman in a male dominated sport there is a constant challenge to assert your abilities and your motivation to progress. It is easy to fall into a comfort zone of having stronger male climbers put up routes and plan climbing trips. By developing and executing this trip we aim to challenge the perceived limits for women in this male dominated sport and empower other women to dream big and hit the road, to destinations near and far.”

They’ll be using their grant money to travel to the storied crags of Ceuse, France, where they plan on living their dream—breaking into the grade of 5.13.

The other winners in the Northwest Region are:

Jenny Abegg, $200
Katherine Bill, $250
Ian Bollinger, $350
Candi Cook, $500
Shawna Cooke, $350
Ryan Cudo, $350
Alicia Imbody, $250
Ammi Midstokke, $250
Emily Reinsel, $200
Szu-ting Yi, $500

Western Region: Myles Moser, Awarded $1,000

Myles Moser, Amy Ness, and Hugo Perez, all three extremely experienced climbers, look to push their skills to the ultimate level by attempting to establish a second free route up the East Face of the Central Tower of Torres del Paine, Chile. Of nine routes up the Tower, only one has been freed previously, the South African Route (VI 5.12c), in 2009 by Nico Favresse, Sean Villanueva, and Ben Ditto. Myles, Amy, and Hugo plan to use the route Un Fina Linea de Locura (VII 5.10d A3 32 pitches) as a guide and jog in and out of it with certain variations to keep the line clean and free. They will be using a ground-up, capsule style approach. This dream consists of the hardest route in the toughest environment the team has ever endured.

The other winners in the Western Region are:

David Allfrey, $1,000
Brian Biancardi, $500
Allison Feinberg, $500
Laura Henn, $500
Michelle Kinny, $500
Paul Koubek, $500
Brad Lipovsky, $500
McKenzie Long, $500
Peter McCarthy, $500
Quendallyn Mickelwait, $500
Lindsay Ryder, $500
Andrew Manton, $500

Rockies Region: Sibylle Hechtel, Awarded $750

Sibylle seeks, with partner Eric Doub, to become the oldest person to climb the Nose of El Capitan in a day. Sibylle, part of the first all-women team to climb El Capitan in 1977, is seeking to up her big-wall speed climbing skills and to inspire folks of any age to live their dream! (“Going from the Nose in 4 days to NIAD is certainly a step up!” she says.)

When Sibylle last climbed El Cap, she used hexes and nuts for aid (cams had not been invented yet), and she is thrilled for the challenge of learning new strategies for moving fast.

The other winners in the Rockies Region are:

Angela Tomczik, $600
Jeff Dobronyi, $800
Travis Drake, $850

Southeast Region: Matthew Morriss, Awarded $800

Matthew Morriss will travel to Patagonia in January of 2015. Matthew’s focus is to traverse the Fitz Roy skyline, breaking ground on a new variation El Zorro, the only existing route on the west face of the Mojon Rojo. Matthew’s dream is “to add to climbing, to give back in a way equal to how much I have benefitted from the efforts of others, and to explore new terrain with skills I have honed through climbing other routes.”

The other winners in the Southeast Region are:

Cindy Maloney, $800
Billy Brown, $800
Mike Dannhardt, $612
Sheila Reddy, $612
Cole Casserly, $612
Kenny House, $612
Dominic Metcalf, $612
Maya Zambrano-Lee, $612

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