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These individuals received Mountaineering Fellowship Grants in 2007:

Colin Haley: Completed a major new link-up on Cerro Torre in Patagonia with Kelly Cordes.

Michael Bromberg: Climbed new routes and made ski descents near the "Backside Glacier" in Alaska.

Benjamin Ventner: The Northwest Ridge, Aguja Mermoz and other routes in Patagonia.

Jessica Drees and Erin Whorton: New routes in Greenland.

Kyle Dempster: Read the enthralling trip report documenting this expedition—Kyle reports lots of surprises and choss to the max, but he and partner Mike Libecki were successful in their attempt on a huge tepui deep in the Venezuelan jungle. Check out more wild TR's on the AAC's Trip Reports page. Have your own epic tale? Submit your trip reports, or explore our Grants page and get some funding for your next big adventure!

Ian Nicholson: Attempt a new route on the southwest face of The Blade in British Columbia’s Waddington Range.

Matt Othmer: Attempt the first ascent of the east face of Cerro Aratitiyopa in Venezuela.

Brad Cabot, Althea Rogers, Kelly Ryan: Extended exploratory kayak trip to reach unclimbed peaks in West Greenland.

Eli Stein