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The following individuals received Mountaineering Fellowship Grants in 2010:

Ryan Huetter: Cajon de los Arenales, in the vicinity of Mendoza, Argentina.

Greg Mionske and Rob Gonzalez-Pita: Rob wrote a great report about new routes in Cordón Granito, Chile. Check it out!

Blake Herrington: North ridge or east face of Mount Ambition. Mount Ambition lies in the Stikine/Scud Glacier area, near the British Columbia/Alaska Border. (fall) First ascent of Cerro Pollone in Argentinia. This peak has three major summits, the highest one has not been climbed. The east summit is guarded by active seracs and difficult terrain above the Fitz Norte Glacier, which has prevented climber from reaching it via this occasionally-visited aspect. I hope to explore the Western side of the peak, from the Patagonia icecap, make a first free ascent of ‘A Fine Piece’ (Donini/Crouch 1999) to the summit of the West Pillar of the massif, and then traverse the crest to the true summit of the mountain, for the peak's first ascent. (spring)

Bryan Friedrichs: Bryan wrote a great trip report (full of photos!) on his expedition to The Tusk, Hidden Mountains, Southern Alaska Range.

Graham Zimmerman: Chamlang (7,319m), between the Khumbu and Barun Valleys.

Hayden Kennedy: The west face of the North Howser Tower via 'All Along the Watchtower', as well as scope the potential to free 'The Real Mescalito' (5.11+ C1). A full traverse of the towers is interesting as well and is waiting a second ascent.

Joshua Garrison: First ascents on unclimbed granite big walls and a repeat of a route on the Mariposa Wall, Argentine Patagonia.

Michael Royer: Travel to the Djangart region of the Central Kokshaal-Too, part of Kyrgyzstan’s Tien Shan, to attempt several new routes on virgin mountains.

Sam Schabacker: Attempt an integral ascent of the “backside” of Fitz Roy’s north pillar, linking 'Mate, Porro, Y Todo Lo De Mas' with the upper pitches of Fitz Roy to the summit.