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The following individuals received Research Grants in 2011:

Seth Campbell: Scientific, Photographic, and Historical Exploration of a Climbing Route Icon: The West Buttress of Denali, Alaska.

Gileard Minja: Impact of climate change and variability on the northern circuit tourism; case study of Kilimanjaro Mountain National Park, Tanzania, East Africa.

Daniel Sturgis: Linking a Glacier Outburst Flood Event to Observed Subglacial Hydrologic Conditions: An Example from Lemon Creek Glacier, Alaska.

Jon Kedrowski: Anthropogenic trail and route impacts from hikers on state high points: a case study comparing Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Colorado, and Idaho, with implications for all high-use hiking trails.

Christopher Crawford: Tracking Abrupt Temperature Change Across Alpine Environments of Interior Northwestern United States.

Peter Neff: Shallow repeating seismic events under an alpine glacier at Mount Rainier, Washington, USA: evidence for seasonal stick-slip glacier sliding or volcanic earthquakes?

Sarah Castle: Ecosystem Succession in the Earliest Stages: Does Nutrient Availability Control Microbial Community Function?

Frank Nederhand: The Cordillera Blanca 2011 Environmental Expedition

Lisabeth Willey: Establishment of long-term alpine vegetation monitoring (GLORIA) in Uapsihka (Monts Groulx), Québec.

Chris Kopp: Shrub invasion of alpine areas in California’s White Mountains—an uphill battle?

Kurt Sanderson: Significant Glaciers of Chile: Interaction of Ice, Water, and Community Survival Near Santiago, Chile.

Max Stevens: Resolution of spatial variability uncertainty on avalanche prone slopes.