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The following individuals received Research Grants in 2003:

Keith Bosak: Local effects of conservation policy in the Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve, India.  

David Daly: Research of Walter ‘Pete’ Starr Jr. gravesite, on Michael Minaret in Inyo National Forest, CA. 

Adam French: Research and documentation of human impacts of recreation in Peruvian Cordilleras.

Paula Hartzell: Glacier Ecology: Macroinvertebrates and their Glacial Habitats.

Anna Marie Heckman: Recreational impacts to indicators of ecological impairment in high elevation ecosystems in North Cascades and Mount Rainier National Parks. 

Steve Israel: Structural and metamorphic geology of the Atnarko metamorphic complex, Coast Mountains, British Columbia.

Matt Kinsey: Cerebral blood volume changes during treatment of acute mountain sickness measured with near infrared spectroscopy.

David Lovejoy: Snowpack structure, snow metamorphism, and climate on Nevado Cayambe, Ecuador.  

Jeff Munroe: Detecting latest Holocene climate change in the North Unita Mountains through repeat photography.

Amy Townsend-Small: Stable isotopes as an indicator of nutrient cycling, organic matter transport, and hydrologic regime in the Andean Headwaters of the Amazon River. 

Simon Trautman: Creep velocities as indicators of wet snow stability in the Bridger Range, Montana.

Emanuel Voyiaziakis: Review of current frostbite treatment therapies, research and patient case histories from Mont Blanc Massif.