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The following individuals received Research Grants in 2009:

Ann Piersall: Investigate the socio-economic impact of glacial retreat on village water supplies in the Tien Shan Mountains of Kyrgyzstan in Central Asia.

Caitlyn Florentine: Investigate relic ice layers within rock glaciers to determine paleoclimate records which may also have applications to analysis of similar glacial deposits on Mars.

Christopher Serenari: Conduct interviews of local mountain guides in the Garhwal Himalaya to assist their communications with western tourists who are beginning to journey into this new trekking landscape.

Dave Ohlson: Use "re-photography" approaches to precisely locate geographic positions at K2 originally photographed by Vittorio Sella in 1909 to determine glacial changes in the past 100 years.

Jon Kedrowski: Learn more about Jon's investigation of crowding and climber induced hazards in Denali National Park to help park managers avoid increasing climbing related accidents.

Kevin Ford: Read Kevin's report about measuring high elevation alpine meadows to determine if these botanical communities will be able to adjust vertically up mountainsides as increases in temperature caused by climate change affect their environment.

Paul Firth: Developing tests of the effects of hypoxia on the mental cognition of climbers to assist their safety at extreme altitudes.

Sean Collette: Investigating regeneration issues of quaking aspen tree in mountainous landscapes of the Western USA to assist in their future management.

Nathan Furman: Assessing avalanche conditions and backcountry risk taking decisions of skiers to help avoid avalanche related accidents.