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The following individuals received Research Grants in 2010:

Adam Clark: Northwest Montana summer glacial run-off study.

Alexandra Urza: Investigating the implications of climate change for the timing and composition of post-disturbance plant reestablishment in Glacier National Park, Montana.

Ann Piersall: Field-based assessment of glaciation and local perspectives in the At-Bashy Range, Kyrgyzstan. 

Edward Cheng: 8,000 meter peak effects on humans.

Jeffrey Hallo: Visitors’ and mountain guides’ perceptions of biophysical change at Mount Rainier National Park.

Jessica Lundin: Updated Mass Balance Measurements of Blue Glacier, Mount Olympus, Washington.

Justin Stroup: Building a Climate Connection: Quelccaya Ice Cap, the Peruvian Andes—A Link Between Northern and Southern Hemispheres.

Kevin McManigal: Investigation of Glacial Retreat and Impacts on Water Security in the Royal Kingdom of Bhutan.

Matthew Sanborn: Implications for Understanding High-Altitude Cerebral Edema.

Nathan Furman: The Role of Environmental Conditions on Decisions to Ski in Avalanche Terrain.

Nick Kanaan: Prevention of Altitude Illness with Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatories Study.

Noah Reid: Integrating phylogeography and macroecology in the study of alpine insect communities.

Pete Clark: New River Gorge climber impact study.

Zach Guy: The influence of terrain parameters on spatial patterns of snow in steep couloirs.

Teresa Chuang: Photography in the Sierra Nevada: Documenting Climate Change.