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Rocky Mountain Region Recipients

Brett Bloxom, Denver, CO ($800), Brett and partner Lance Sullins will travel to Africa to climb Mt. Kenya, a dream born in the climbing gym of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Since that time, they have climbed together extensively in the Tetons, Colorado, and Red Rocks, all the while dreaming of taking their newly acquired skills to the mountains. Mt. Kenya will be a significant step in their progression as climbers -- it involves complex route-finding, an isolated mountain in a country with limited search and rescue capability, and considerable technical climbing on long routes at elevation. For both, Mt. Kenya will be a significant step in their progression towards a dream of even more challenging expeditions.

Jewell Lund, Salt Lake City, UT ($600),Jewell, together with partner Kim Hall, will travel to the Bugaboos in British Columbia. For both women, it will be a milestone in their experiences as climbers -- their objectives will be longer, more isolated, and as difficult (or more difficult) than routes they have previously climbed. With extensive time spent in the role of "student" on long, traditional rock climbs, this will be the opportunity to venture into the role of "partner" as they utilize their learned self-sufficiency and problem solving skills. Their objectives include the classic Beckey-Chouinard (V 5.10) on South Howser Tower, the Cooper-Kor (V 5.10) on Pigeon Spire, Solitary Confinement (III 5.11) on Prince Albert Spire, and Sunshine Crack (IV 5.11-) on Snowpatch Spire.

Jonathan Byers, Louisville, CO ($300), Jonathan's dream is to climb Fitz Roy in Patagonia - a dream that was nearly realized while working on a project to study climate change in El Chalten in 2011. On this trip, Jonathan witnessed the aftermath of a devastating accident in which a climber was killed when her partner was unable to rescue her post-accident. Jonathan instantly realized that he did not possess the rescue skills necessary to be a responsible partner in the unforgiving mountains of Patagonia. As such, he will use the LYD grant to gain these skills through a self-rescue course, so that he is prepared to return to Patagonia -- this time to climb -- in November of 2012.

Brandon Howard, Carbondale, CO ($300), Brandon and partner, Casey Jo Harn, share a dream to experience travel, culture, adventure, and new climbing together. Both are about to embark upon year-long English teaching programs in Europe, and seek a climbing adventure together before settling down to involved jobs in different countries. They will head to Arco, Italy to sport climb together, and hope to push themselves (and each other) into harder grades. They have compiled a list of dream routes, from 5.11 to 5.13, as a means to accomplish this. This trip will be the opportunity to push themselves as sport climbers, while also experiencing the people and culture of a new destination -- the combination of these is the ultimate dream of both partners.