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Salt Lake Climbers Alliance- Assessment of Informal Trails, Recreation Impacts at Boulders and Disperse Camping in Joe’s Valley


This project will complete a baseline assessment of trail and recreation impacts, in conjunction with a GIS database, to inform multi-jurisdictional recreation management planning in the area. With increasing popularity, methods for long-term recreation management are needed to mitigate human waste, camping and general use impacts to the land and watershed.

Washington’s National Park Fund- Camp Muir Human Waste Management


The National Park Service rehabilitation plan for the Camp Muir Historic District, in Mount Ranier National Park, has called for for the improvement of visitor and climber experiences as well as the environment. In order to protect sensitive downstream and alpine environments, new comfort stations will replace deteriorated and overloaded toilets. This will reduce both potential hazards to employees and park maintenance costs for the park. This grant will fund the installation of solar panels which will power water collectors and fans for the new comfort stations.

Red River Gorge Climbers Coalition- PMRP Infrastructure Improvements


As roads and parking areas have become deteriorated by extensive use, this grant will help fund the repair of an existing access road, build two new parking lots and improve an existing parking lot.

Las Vegas Liaison Council- WAG bag Education and Awareness Project


This grant will help improve education and signage about human waste issues in this area. As a part of a grant from the Access Fund for this project, the LVLC will submit a long-term WAG bag funding plan.

Flatirons Climbing Council- Crown Rock Trail Project, Flagstaff Mountain


SInce this is a very popular place for bouldering, trails in the Crown Rock area have become very heavily used resulting in social trails, erosion and habitat damage. The funds for this grant will go towards assisting the large project of closing social trails, improving designated trails, restoring habitat and improving overall aesthetic quality. The FCC has organized trail projects since 2003.

Ouray Ice Park, Inc.- Non-permanent Toilet Installation


As Ouray Ice Park becomes more popular and heavily visited, there is a significant need to minimize human waste impacts. This grant will help fund the installation of two non-permanent toilets and waste will be removed for proper treatment. The Access Fund has also awarded a grant of $2,600 for the project.