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IMG_1274_web.jpegThe American Alpine Club and the Zack Martin Breaking Barriers Grant committee (ZMBB) are pleased to announce the 2010 ZMBB grant recipient, Jonathan Mingle.

For the humanitarian objective, Jonathan and team will work with the village elders, masons and residents of Kumik, India to build a 'demonstration' passive heating-cooking home. Kumik, despite efforts of the villagers to re-route water from 18,000', has to move the village location due to lack of water. In this move, 40 homes will be rebuilt and the plan is to build 'green' homes in the new village. Passive heating and cooking will, hopefully, reduce lung disease from burning dung for heating and cooking. Additionally, time will be freed up for the village women to spend more time educating and mothering  their children  rather than collecting and drying manure for fuel.

For the alpine objective, Jonathan and his partners will attempt a first ski descent of Sultan Lango, 19,117'. Congratulations Jonathan Mingle!

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