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AAC Promo Code: Official Sneaky Internet User

Looking for the old $5 off promo code? We've got an even better deal for you. Sign up for auto-renew and save $10 off the annual cost of membership—double the savings of the promo code!

AAC Promo Code: For the Sneaky Internet User

So, it seems you've attempted to bypass the mandatory 5.13x by way of the weird, Scottish-style gully and turf climbing with the whole frozen glove trick. What? Nevermind. Yes, there is, in fact, a reward for your thriftiness and ingenuity in the form of a special AAC Promo Code that will give you five dollars off a membership!

Ideally, you'll now take this opportunity to do between fifteen and twenty five pull-ups to burn off the extra ten minutes you spent at your desk searching for this code. We're waiting...

Done? Good. 

This is how awesome you should feel:


Now, what is this actual AAC Promo Code?

Enter SAVVYCLIMBER at checkout when you Join The American Alpine Club. Get yourself joined, then go climbing.

Ready? Click the Green Button to get started.