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2011 International Climbers' Meet—Thank You Letter

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Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

October 6 2011

To anyone interested:

I feel extremely fortunate to have participated in the 2011 AAC International Climbers meet. I can’t imagine a better introduction to climbing in the celebrated Yosemite Valley. The AAC provided a beautiful campground, great food, transportation, local (and often legendary) host climbers to share local classics with us, even an opportunity to give back through volunteer work. And all at a very reasonable cost—who could ask for more? Like a few others, I was more than a little nervous about how I would fare in the world of slick granite, steep cracks and off-widths, but through the cragging days and clinics, I gained confidence and had two great multi-pitch outings. And, of course, good fellowship shared over food and drink with the other participants was an essential element of the experience.

I want to express my appreciation for all the hard work that went into making the AAC International Climbers Meet such a great success. Thanks to Carol Kotchek for her pre-event organization and ongoing oversight. Dave Turner provided a wonderful introduction to Yosemite Valley climbing and put a lot of effort into helping participants meet their goals, whether through providing beta, facilitating connections between host climbers and guests, or by handling the mundane but so necessary transportation details. The guest climbers were extremely generous with their time, skills and local knowledge and opened the door to some amazing climbing experiences (I’m talking about you, George). Carol, Dave and John Bragg’s airport pickups and dropoffs made life so much simpler for us all. 

If I have the opportunity to participate in another International Climber’s Meet, at Yosemite or elsewhere (Smith Rocks, Joshua Tree) I’ll be there in a heartbeat.


Mike Grainger,

ACC [Alpine Club of Canada] Member