State of Climbing Report

The American Alpine Club, in partnership with more than a dozen supporting organizations, is proud to release the first-ever State of Climbing Report, a comprehensive quantitative look at the American climbing community and its impact.

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“We believe that collecting and distributing this information can lead to inspired action among industry leaders and beyond. If our strengths are exhibited, we can leverage them. If our weaknesses are revealed, let’s address them.”—AAC CEO Phil Powers


  • Demographics: The report details the growth, size, and demographics of the current community

  • Competition: formal competition and the organizations that govern them are a major factor in climbing’s increased visibility

  • Economic Report: Climbers are contributing billions of dollars to the economy each year

  • Policy and Advocacy: As climbing grows, so too does the need to influence recreation and public land oriented public policy

  • Conservation and Stewardship: The climbing community is taking on stewardship projects, cleaning up crags, implementing traveling trail crews, and using scientific research to better understand human impacts on our mountain and climbing environments.

  • Accidents/Rescue: Is climbing safer than it was in the early days?

The full State of Climbing report was made possible by the collaboration of multiple key partners, including the Access Fund, Climbing Wall Association, American Mountain Guides Association, USA Climbing, USA Ice Climbing, United States Ski Mountaineering Association, Outdoor Industry Association, The NPD Group, Joy Trip Project, Brown Girls Climb, Latino Outdoors, Colorado Mountain Club, and Paradox Sports.

Read the press release here.