Stock Donations

Stock donations are a great way to support the programs you care about most and avoid capital gains tax. To facilitate a gift of stock, please use the following:

Step 1: Initiate Transfer

The first step is to contact your broker to initiate the transfer. Your broker can arrange to have the securities delivered electronically to the American Alpine Club through Charles Schwab & Co:

  • Charles Schwab & Co DTC Number: 0164 code 40;

  • the AAC's Account Number: 1544-4329

Step 2: Notify the American Alpine Club

Please provide us some information about the gift for audit and acknowledgment purposes. Notify the AAC now or send a letter with the following information:

  • Donor's full name and complete address

  • Name and number of securities transferred

  • Date of the transfer

  • Specific American Alpine Club program to which gift should be directed, if any

Send the letter to this address:

The American Alpine Club
Attn: Development
710 10th Street, Suite 100
Golden, CO 80401

E-mail: [email protected]

Phone: (303) 384-0110 ext. 104

Fax: (303) 384-0111