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Trip Reports : Pakistan
Sand Bagged in Pakistan

By Clint Estes, winner of a 2009 Zack Martin Breaking Barriers Grant

“Not even the American ambassador to Pakistan is getting past these gates. Closed means closed!”

Those are the words that welcomed us to the Kondus Valley of Pakistan…or just short of it. Months earlier, Matt Hepp and I had begun our adventure by applying for a “special permit” to explore unclimbed granite towers within the disputed territory of northern Pakistan. The Kondus Valley is located in the “closed” zone of Baltistan, mere… [view report]

Latok 2008

Josh Wharton reports on his 2008 expedition to attempt Latok I in Pakistan, for which he won a Lyman Spitzer Cutting-Edge Award from the AAC.

On August 22 Whit Magro and I arrived on the Choktoi Glacier for my second trip in as many years to the north side of Latok. Last year Bean Bowers and I spent 42 days below Latok without any reasonable weather for an attempt-surely this year would be different!

During our first two weeks at base camp the weather was… [view report]

Exploring Pakistan

Kyle Dempster reports on his expidition to Pakistan, which was made possible by an AAC Mountain Fellowship Grant.  Kyle had an intense trip--tough conditions, isolation, and worried mother back home!  Read on for the full report.

Mothers have it the hardest. “I’m going climbing in Pakistan by myself. I’ll be home in three or four months,” I told mine. It’s an easy thing to say when you’re 25, curious about the world, and fired-up to climb. I can’t imagine what it’s like to hear when you’re 51, you’ve lost a nephew to climbing, and you have an addicted-to-adventure child. In the last 11 years climbing has taken a lot from me: most profoundly on an Arctic trip together… [view report]

Shingu Charpa

Lyman Spitzer Award winner Josh Wharton reports on his 2006 trip to Pakistan with Kelly Cordes.  After many ups and downs, they came close to summitting, but time did not allow a last push.  Read on for the full story of a truly amazing climb!

During a seven week period in July and August, 2006 Kelly Cordes and I traveled to the Nangma Valley in Pakistan’s Northern Areas to attempt the ca 5,000-vertical-foot north ridge of Shingu Charpa. We spent 37 days in base camp, making our best attempt toward the end of the trip--climbing 45 pitches to a sub-summit before retreating. 

At the onset of the trip we had incredible weather, and on our fifth… [view report]

Karakoram Bail

Colin Haley, a 2011 Lyman Spitzer Award recipient, reports on his ill-fated expedition to the Karakoram.  Read on for the full story from Colin.


In late July I travelled to Pakistan with Bjørn-Eivind Årtun, on what turned out to be a very brief trip to the Himalaya. After spending only a few days in basecamp, I decided to come home.


After my… [view report]

Lyman Spitzer Recipient on Shinga Chatpa

Nils Davis reports back to us after an impressive expedtition to the Himalaya. This expedition was partially supported by a Lyman Spitzer Award, a grant offered annually by the AAC.  Read on for the full story!


Here is a brief report of Nils Davis, Todd Offenbacher, Brenton Warren and Brian McCray’s expedition to Pakistan.  

The four of us flew out of San Francisco July 18,… [view report]

2001 A Climbing Odyssey--Lyman Spitzer Team in Pakistan

Chad Mcfadden offers this impressive write-up of his first climbing trip to Asia.  With support from an AAC Lyman Spitzer Award, Chad and his team had a rewarding trip, though it did find some bumps along the way.  Read on the for the full story!


An opportunity for pure adventure, the 2001 Climbing Odyssey taught me expeditioning in the greater ranges. With the help of an American Alpine club Lyman Spitzer grant, I,… [view report]

Lyman Spitzer Team Attempts K7

Brady Robinson reports on his Lyman Spitzer Award supported attempt on K7.  The team was not able to summit, but it was an amzing effort on a very seldom visited peak.  Read the whole report below!

Brigadier Tahir pulled out a military map marked “secret”.  Dave Anderson, Jimmy Chin, Steph Davis and I looked at each other in disbelief as Tahir, a commanding officer involved in Pakistan’s ongoing border skirmish with India, pointed out peaks he though might interest us.  He’d… [view report]

Troubled Times in Pakistan

Mountain Fellowship Recipient Nicholas Giguere traveled to Pakistan during the tumultuos period in the fall of 2001. While his initial plans did not work out for obvious reasons, the trip was still successful in many ways. Read on for the full story!

Before the ink had dried on the entry stamp of my passport the trip was off to an inauspicious start.  “11 SEPT 2001 - LAHORE INTERNAT’L AIRPORT” it read.  Paul Charlton and I had just landed in Pakistan as the first two members of a five person exploratory expedition to the Karakoram.  Our… [view report]