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Climbing And Environmental Work In Peru
October 2009 :: Peru :: Cordillera Blanca

A Brief Summary of the trip:

After 10 months of planning and research to visit Peru, my six-week climbing and environmental research blitz in Peru came to an end November 2, 2009 with a 30-hour trip back home to Atlanta, Georgia. What struck me most after this visit was how beautiful these mountains are and that they have a great potential for vast and varied climbing. I was also struck by how wonderful and hospitable the Peruvian people are.

Another important aspect of the visit for me was that this climbing expedition’s focus was not solely on making that next summit but to provide beneficial environmental information to the Peruvian people so they could keep their beautiful mountains as pristine as possible. Over the next few months much more work will be done to research, analyze and prepare my findings from the many pieces of scientific data this research gathered."

—Frank Nederhand

A PDF is attached to this trip report.