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Research Report (2009): Perceptions On Denali
June 2009 :: United States :: Alaska

Jon Kedrowski from Texas State University spent more than a month on Denali this past season—including a trip to the summit via the West Buttress—in order to conduct a study entitled “Climbers’ Perceptions on McKinley: Crowding Concerns, Hazards, and Climber Demographics.” The researcher handed out written surveys to climbers at Kahiltna base camp, and then analyzed the results in the report that you can download on this page.

One interesting finding was that climbers’ fears about climbing Denali changed while they were on the mountain. Fears of acute mountain sickness, HAPE, and dehydration were most prevalent before the climb, while high winds, not making it to the top, sunburn, and snow blindness were the biggest concerns of climbers after their expeditions. The survey also found that a substantial majority believed crowding on Denali remains within acceptable limits.

Kedrowski’s research was partially funded by a 2009 AAC Research Grant.

A PDF is attached to this trip report.