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Campaign For Climbers

As the nation’s oldest and most prominent climbing organization, we are compelled to regularly evaluate our position, our plan and our relevancy. We recently stepped forward and asked our Members and fellow climbers:

If you could build The American Alpine Club from the ground up today,what would America’s national climbing organization look like?

We listened, we investigated, and we went to work. With the path and goals set by our Five-Year Strategic Plan, we are putting into action the new ideas and improvements most important to the climbing community, including:

• Delivering a member benefit program with extraordinary value
• Restructuring our programs to serve more locally
• Regaining leadership position as a comprehensive climbing information resource
• Employing grants to inspire climbers and conserve the places we climb
• Providing important infrastructure at climbing destinations
• Protecting and preserve our climbing legacy, history, and literature

This broad, proactive initiative is being implemented by our extensive network of volunteers, Club officials, Board Members and our Membership at large.

Sufficient financial resources are required to ensure effective change and secure our future.  The comprehensive Campaign for Climbers goal is $5.7 million; funding the key projects and programs critical to our future.


Download the Campaign for Climbers brochure in PDF.

Please view the following video for an overview of your Club's current efforts toward implementing the Strategic Plan.