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Chris Pruchnic Wilderness First Responder Training Grant Announced

Chris “Haliku” Pruchnic Wilderness First Responder Training Grant

February 27, 2012: On this, Chris Pruchnic’s Birthday, the American Alpine Club is pleased to announce the inaugural Chris Pruchnic Wilderness First Responder Grant.


Chris Pruchnic died ice climbing in Rocky Mountain National Park in 2010. He was the AAC Front Range Section Chair and an avid adventurer passionate about climbing, scuba diving and foreign travel. He was also a manager of disaster planning and risk management for Qwest and an active member of the Rocky Mountain Chapter of the Association of Contingency Planners. Chris promoted safety and preparedness in adventure pursuits; especially to younger climbers.

The purpose of this grant is to encourage and support climbers to obtain a Wilderness First Responder certification in an effort to increase their independence and knowledge of safe practices, provide help to those in need and promote safety in general to fellow climbers. Recipients are those that share Chris’ passion for the mountains, his commitment to encouraging people to get out and explore the world, and his love of adventure.


The grant will be awarded to AAC Front Range Section members seeking WFR certification within 13 months of the application date.  Preference will be given to those that have already obtained some form of first-aid training or can demonstrate a history of back country travel in which a WFR certification would be highly beneficial.  The ideal candidate has demonstrated community spirit and a commitment to others; with preference given to those who have been active members of the mountaineering and climbing community.

Grants will cover tuition of an accredited WFR program up to $850.

Grant Committee:

The grant committee is comprised of three (3) members including:

Carolyn Wallace – Founder and Committee Chair

Bob Richards – Front Range CO-Chair

Carol Kotchek – Front Range Co-Chair

John Bragg – Community Programs Director

Application and Announcements:

 Applications are available at americanalpineclub.org, on the Front Range Section site, or on this page. Application may be submitted electronically. Applications must be received by midnight, April 30, 2012.

Application deadline for 2012:           April 30 

Award Announcement for 2012:        June 1

Grant recipients will be required to submit a copy of their certification within 13 months of the application date.

As part of the formal application, candidates should submit a short description (500 words max) on how their training will be shared with and used to benefit others, not only in terms for rendering first aid, but in the spirit of sharing and community return. 

All applicants must include a copy of the accredited WFR program they intend to attend, a copy of the application to the program when they apply (may be supplied after grant is awarded) and promise to provide a copy of their certification after the course is complete.

Starting in 2013 the application deadline will be January 1st and awards will be announced annually on Chris’ birthday, February 27th.

Download the application.

Applications should be sent electronically to:

Grants Manager
Attn: Pruchnic Grant 
Email: grants@americanalpineclub.org
Phone: 303-384-0110 ext. 15

Please direct any questions to: jmiller@americanalpineclub.org