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The estimated completion date of the hut is August 2011. The hut is operational at this time and available for use. Please be understanding and considerate if you arrive during a work party weekend. Our Volunteers are dedicated to completing the hut and will work to accommodate you during your stay, but please be prepared to share the space during these times. Come out and help the hut!—Work Parties are planned for the summer.

The hut is halfway funded and needs your support to finish by the August 2011 dedication ceremony. The next phase of work will include installing the metal siding and metal roof, completing the interior finish work, building a new outhouse and establishing a maintenance fund for the future.

Please help us meet our fundraising goals by making a donation today.

Please click Snowbird Hut in the drop down menu for: “Allocate my donation to:”  This will direct your funds specifically to the hut.

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