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The following individuals received Research Grants in 2001:

Mark Allen: Tectonic significance of the Magic Mountain Gneiss, North Cascades, Washington.

Thomas Besom: Archeological expedition to Aconcagua.

Keith Daellenbach: Juneau Icefield Traverse Expedition—Glacier Photography.

Jeff Deems: Topographic controls on spatial and temporal variations in snow temperature profiles in a  Montana snowpack.

Philip Evans: Chemical characterization of two related mountain plant species, Ligusticum porteri and Conioselinum scopulorum.

Eleanor Haresign: Calving dynamics at Glaciar Leónes, Chilean Patagonia.

Derrick Lampkin: An improved optical instrument for the determination of snow accumulation in alpine environments.

Clint Rogers: Social and economic change among the Nyishangte of the Manang Region of Nepal.

Lizzy Scully: Culture and lifestyles of women in Baltistan.

Nicholas Seneca: Effects of high altitude exposure on gene expression.

John Van Hoegen: Paleoclimate and Late Quaternary Glacial Chronology of Great Basin National Park, East-Central Nevada.

Emmanual Voyiaziakis: Microbial analysis of the surface waters of Mount Kilimanjaro.

Michael White: Family satisfaction among high-risk outdoor recreationists: a case of climbers.