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The following individuals received Research Grants in 2012:

Caleb Pan: Inventory of Mongolian Glaciers for the global land ice measurements from space (GLIMS) Program.

Kimiko Nygaard: “Using Geospatial and Participatory Modeling to Enhance Local Adaptive Capacities to Climate Change Impacts in High Mountain Areas: A Case Study of Northern Ladakh, India”.

Jon Kedrowski: Impacts of human waste from Mount Everest climbers on glacial water quality on the Upper Khumbu Glacier.

Geoff Hill: Experimental analysis of human waste treatment at remote Alpine backcountry destinations.

Scott Hotaling: Population genetic structure and ecological niche modeling of two alpine invertebrates (Trichoptera; Rhyacophilidae) in Glacier National Park, Montana.

Peter Bordokoff: A Geographic Perspective of Climate Change Adaptation in Georgia.

Carlyn Perovich: The Turtle vs. the Tortoise: Top-down and bottom-up controls of mountain pine beetle outbreaks in Rocky Mountain National Park.

Seth Campbell: Developing Geophysical Constraints on glacier ice depth and volume in the Alaska Range.

Chris Monz: An Assessment of Resource conditions And Recreation Impacts on the Lower Saddle of the Grand Teton.

Rebecca Watters: Going Gulo: Documenting an Unknown Wolverine Population in Mongolia.

Ellen Lapham: The Cordillera Blanca 2012 Integrated Science Project Black Carbon, CO2, Water Quality and other Field Studies. 

Sam Johnson: Emergency Behavioral Health in Wilderness Situations: A Contextual Examination of Needs and Suggested Protocols for Behavioral Health Emergencies in the Backcountry.

Chris Davis: Molecular Biology of Altitude Acclimatization: A Study of Lowlanders in Bolivia. 

Katherine Barnhard: Sinking Quantitative Teeth into Alpine Geomorphology: Deployment of Automated Datalogger Systems in Colorado’s Alpine Environment.

Kate von Krusenstiern: Glacier Albedo Study as part of the Peru 2012 Climber Science Program.