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AAC—Domestic Rescue Benefit



Domestic Medical Emergency Evacuation Benefit

AAC members should always contact Global Rescue at the time of an injury or incident to ensure they receive the best in medical consultation and benefit from Global Rescue’s unique ability to provide rescue assistance in remote locations. In addition to the Global Rescue Trailhead Rescue benefit, the AAC provides a Domestic Medical Emergency Evacuation Benefit (“DMEEB”) to protect AAC members in good standing who climb or trek in the United States and who are not able to contact Global Rescue at the time of injury or incident.


In order to qualify for reimbursement under the Domestic Medical Emergency Evacuation Benefit policy, an AAC member must be:

(1) certified by a licensed medical professional to require evacuation to prevent serious imminent bodily harm, injury or death;

(2) located in the United States of America (does not include Canada or Mexico); and

(3) must be beyond the trailhead. Please see the policy exclusions page


Filing a Claim

The DMEEB product has a $5,000 per person per year maximum value and $10,000 maximum per incident. This means if three AAC members are involved in the same operation the maximum value of the Domestic Medical Emergency Evacuation Benefit reimbursement is $10,000.

To use the DMEEB benefit AAC members must call the American Alpine Club to file a claim within 30 days of the member’s evacuation. The AAC member will be sent a list of instructions and a claim form to file the claim. With the completed claim form, the member will need to submit all information and receipts related to the claimed evacuation to the AAC for review. Claims can be initiated by phone at +1 (303) 384-0110 or by email at claims@americanalpineclub.org. Provided all appropriate documentation is submitted, claim processing will take approximately four weeks. If the claim is approved by the AAC, the member will receive a reimbursement check from the AAC.


Domestic Rescue Benefit is only half of the $10,000 Rescue Benefit provided to AAC members. Read about Global Rescue Trailhead Rescue.