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Global Rescue—Trailhead Rescue Service

GLOBAL RESCUE (617) 459-4200

Please review the details of this important membership benefit. More Resources below.
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Global Rescue is not insurance, but a rescue and emergency services company. A good way to think about Global Rescue is like an automobile club, such as AAA. If you have AAA and break down somewhere, you can call AAA and they will dispatch either a local tow truck or their own teams to come tow you away, but they don't pay for your auto repairs, and they don't pay if you arrange your own tow truck and send them a bill three weeks later. Global Rescue works the same way.
To use your Trailhead Rescue benefit, AAC members must call Global Rescue as soon as possible during an emergency. When injured within the United States, members should call 911 immediately and then contact Global Rescue as soon as possible during the course of the rescue. The 24-hour Global Rescue Operation Center phone number is 1-617-459-4200. If you'd like to contact Global Rescue for general information, their phone number is 800-381-9754.
AAC members can upgrade to a full Global Rescue membership at a 5% discount. Full Global Rescue memberships provide up to $500,000 of rescue and evacuation services (not $5,000), are good for any emergency you may encounter—not just backcountry incidents—and provide coverage from the point of injury or illness to the member's hospital of choice, any time he or she is more than 160 miles from home. (Note: the 160-mile limitation does not apply to the AAC's basic "Trailhead Rescue" coverage.) Full membership also ensures that the member’s care will be followed closely by Global Rescue's doctors, paramedics and physicians at Johns Hopkins Medicine. Often, Global Rescue's medical personnel will be with the patient during the rescue.
Frequently Asked Questions
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