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Guidebook to Membership - 2012



Above is the online version of the 2012 AAC Guidebook to Membership. To view the 2013 Guidbook to Membership, click here. Everything you need to know about the AAC is here. Inside you’ll find details on your AAC benefits and how to use them. We cover the website, our publications, events, grants, lodging—you name it.

And because this is a publication for and by the AAC, we’ve made sure that every single photo in this book was taken by an AAC member. How cool is that?

So flip on through, learn a little something, get inspired, and throw this in your bag on your next road trip. You might use it to help find discounted lodging, beta on gear shops, gyms that give you deals, and much more.If you ever have a question or idea, please contact us.

We’ve provided contact information on almost every page so it’s easy to connect.

Viva la AAC!


If you'd like to take a look at the Guidebook to Membership offline, please download the PDF version.