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Magazines in the Library



DesnivelComicCvr1984001_2.jpegThe American Alpine Club has approximately 580 climbing magazines and climbing club periodicals from around the world.

Some, like the Journal of the Royal Geographical Society (1830-1880) and Geographical Journal (1893-2009)are historic, and some, like Alpinist (2002-2011) are considered classics-to-be.

Journals are obtained by donation or in exchange for the American Alpine Journal. If you have journals that you believe we should have, please give us a call.

Journals can be read in the library, but are not available for check-out as they are very difficult to replace. If you would like scans of articles, please read our reproduction policies and fees.

A full listing of our journals and magazines is availabe in PDF form: AAC_journals 2.pdf.