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New River Gorge Campground

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We're open! No reservations are needed at this time for camping.

Spring 2016 campground features will include:
-40 sites, each with a picnic table and 10'x10' elevated wooden tent platforms
-Two communal fire rings, with split wood provided
-Shower house with coin-operated showers, toilets, dish washing sinks, and a covered deck
-BBQ pit/smoker
-Dyno/climbing wall
-Trash dumpster and aluminum recycling
-Water spigot

Camping fee:

AAC members = $6.00 per/person, per/night

Access Fund members = $8.00 per/person, per/night

General Public = $10.00 per/person, per/night

Check out this sweet video with AAC members bouldering just a short walk from the campground!

New River Bouldering Still.PNG

Maps / Directions

The American Alpine Club's New River Gorge campground, located on the rim of the gorge in Ames Heights, West Virginia—literally minutes from Junkyard Crag and the Interp Boulders.

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How to get there:

  1. From Fayettevile, go north on Highway 19,
  2. Turn left on Ames Heights Road, the second left after the bridge.
  3. Drive on Ames Heights road for .6 miles,
  4. At a crossroads with an "Adventures on the Gorge" sign,
    take a hard left, downhill, on a narrow blacktop road.
  5. Drive down this road for .2 miles, the gravel pullout for the camp is on the left.

Artwork by Campground Manager Paul Nelson

Want more details? Check out these bigger maps.


The AAC campground at the New River Gorge resides in Fayetteville, West Virginia, on a 40-acre parcel chosen by the AAC Huts Committee in conjunction with the Access Fund and local climbers. The land is adjacent to National Park land and within walking distance of popular crags at the New River Gorge. In autumn 2010 the AAC purchased the property, which was successfully re-zone for a campground in April of 2012 by local authorities.

Car campers and walk-in campers are welcome at the new AAC campground. Structures will include a community gathering room, shower house, and a cabin to accommodate a permanent camp host. There will be no accommodation for RVs. The campground is being developed in phases and, depending on demand, at final build-out will have up to 60 campsites. We have completed phase one of the building process. The road is complete, and we've cleared brush for campsites. Primitive camping is currently available. Phase two, which will include routing electricity and construction of permanent structures, will begin in spring of 2014.

Designing a campground that is environmentally sensitive and supported by the adjacent landowners is paramount to the project's success. The design includes a spatial buffer from the Ames Heights neighborhood. Trees were removed by horse-loggers, that lumber will be used for on-site construction, and the road alignment works with the topography to minimize site disturbance. The green design of structures will be overseen by Jim Logan, AAC board member and the LEED-certified architect designing the site.

This purchase was made possible by the generosity of AAC donors along with other financing. Notably, just over one-third of the funding was a loan from the Access Fund Land Conservation Campaign. The campground is located a short walk from the Junkyard and Bridge areas on the east side of the river. In addition to the parcel's central cragging location, some bouldering exists on-site.

As with other AAC campgrounds, the property has been developed specifically with climbers in mind and will allow for extended stays at inexpensive rates. And, of course, AAC members will enjoy a great discount.

Providing lodging facilities is central to the AAC's vision of supporting the climbing way of life by improving benefits for members and other climbers, said AAC Executive Director Phil Powers: "We are building on the tradition that started with the Grand Teton Climbers' Ranch. Lodging options within walking distance from great climbing supports the climbing lifestyle we all enjoy. We hope to create a facility that meets climbers' needs and adds opportunities for climbers to gather and share their stories."

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