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From the north-facing routes on Mt. Hood, through some of the most scenic backcountry skiing in the Sisters and out to the hardest climbing routes in America at Smith Rock, the Oregon Section has some of the best climbing terrain in the country.   Add to that the great cragging near Portland, including Beacon Rock, and you have a complete range of experiences from ice climbing, trad climbing and urban bolt clipping.  


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Contact & Volunteer

It's easy to get in touch with your Section Chairs, Regional Coordinator, or the Club.

Email your Oregon Section Co-Chairs at oregon@americanalpineclub.org

Email Northwest Regional Coordinator Eddie Espinosa at eespinosa@americanalpineclub.org

Email the Club's offices in Golden at info@americanalpineclub.org

Give the Club a call at (303) 384-0110

Check out the Northwest Region Volunteer Wall of Fame


 Oregon Section Co-Chairs

Jesse Bernier. I love volunteering for the American Alpine Club because I’m a “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” kinda guy. The AAC has been proverbially scratching my back for years as well as thousands of my brethren since 1902! 

Being the stereotypical dirtbag, my funds are usually pretty low. For the cost of a #2 cam a year I can become a member of a club that gives me rescue benefits, just about all the guidebooks ever made, grants to do what I love, and discounts on the things I need! On top of that I get a beautiful book reviewing the gnarliest things that happened in climbing that year and another book reminding me ways to stay safe out there. The AAC is essentially my “sugar momma!”

Heidi Medema practically grew up in the outdoors.  As soon as she was old enough to walk her parents handed her a backpack and they hit the mountains.  Yosemite was her backyard so that is where she spent the majority of her formative years.  While attending UC Davis she became a backpacking and rafting guide before getting suckered into the wonderful world of climbing. Her first multi-pitch was Bear's Reach at Lover's Leap in Tahoe.  Since that first heart pounding experience she has been addicted.  In 2011 she spent fours months traveling from crag to crag, her favorites of which were Joe's Valley, Eldorado Canyon, and Yosemite.  Trad, sport, bouldering, mountaineering she loves it all!  Give her a mountain and she is a happy girl.  Now living in Portland, Heidi is looking forward to helping the AAC grow even bigger and better!


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