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David Brower Conservation Award

David Brower.jpegDavid R. Brower, an active alpinist and member of the famed 10th Mountain Division with over seventy first ascents from Shiprock to the Sierra Nevada, was a pioneer in the environmental movement in this country and abroad. He was twice nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for his work in conservation. Brower was the first Executive Director of the Sierra Club, founder of Friends of the Earth, and serves as Chairman of Earth Island Institute. His commitment to conservation contributed substantially to the establishment of sound global environmental practices. Brower was a lifetime member of the AAC and served as the organization's Vice President from 1956-58. The David R.Brower Award, created in 1991, is an annual award recognizing leadership and commitment to preserving mountain regions worldwide. The awardee, whose active personal role deserves public recognition, has made an important difference as a pathfinder, innovator and on the ground contributor who has motivated others to take action.

  • Ken Yager Awarded: 2015
  • James Balog Awarded: 2014
  • Ellen Lapham Awarded: 2013
  • Laura and Guy Waterman Awarded: 2012
  • John Stannard Awarded: 2012
  • Tom Frost Awarded: 2011
  • Conrad Anker Awarded: 2010
  • Lonnie and Ellen Thompson Awarded: 2009
  • Doug Tompkins Awarded: 2008
  • Yvon Chouinard Awarded: 2007
  • Dr. Alton C. Byers Awarded: 2006
  • Steve Davis Awarded: 2005
  • Michael J. Lewis Awarded: 2004
  • Lloyd Athearn Awarded: 2003
  • Rick Thompson Awarded: 2000
  • Roger Robinson Awarded: 1999
  • Greg Mortenson Awarded: 1998
  • Louis F. Reichardt Awarded: 1997
  • Michael G. Hall Awarded: 1996
  • Eve Tallman Awarded: 1995
  • Mark Hesse Awarded: 1995
  • Chris Naumann Awarded: 1994
  • Rob Hess Awarded: 1994
  • Steve Goryl Awarded: 1994
  • Steve Gipe Awarded: 1994
  • Scott Fischer (Deceased) Awarded: 1994
  • Brent Bishop Awarded: 1994
  • The CMC Conservation Committee Awarded: 1993
  • John Hart Awarded: 1992
  • Robert M. McConnell Awarded: 1991