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Cowboy Bear Ninja Releases The Trailer for The Old Breed


The film trailer for The Old Breed, which will premiere at the American Alpine Club Annual Dinner on March 3, has been officially released. 

A documentary short film, The Old Breed follows veteran alpinists Mark Richey and Steve Swenson on their attempt of the first ascent of Saser Kangri II, located in the Eastern Karakoram.

“I love projects that creatively combine mountain adventure with interesting characters,” said Freddie Wilkinson, co-producer and author of the book One Mountain Thousand Summits. “Mark and Steve are two guys in their middle fifties who have led successful careers in business and engineering. Their children are grown up and moved out, their climbing resumes are chock-full of impressive ascents, and yet, they are still inexplicably drawn to exploring these unclimbed Himalayan giants. Attempting a 7,500 meter peak in alpine-style is a pretty hardcore vacation for someone in their twenties or thirties. What if you're fifty-seven?”

At 7518 meters high, SKII was the second-highest unclimbed mountain in the world. It was climbed in August 2011 by Richey, Swenson and Wilkinson, becoming one of history’s highest first ascents achieved in alpine style. Earlier this week, it was announced that the climb had been nominated for the prestigious Piolet D’Or, an international award given annually to the year’s most inspiring alpine ascents.

The Old Breed combines action footage at home and on the climb with revealing interviews, compelling imagery, and an original score to tell the story of the team’s success and subsequent fight for survival.

The Old Breed is really about partnership and the ‘explorer gene’, that human trait that makes us all want to go out into the wilderness and test our limits,” said Wilkinson.

Adds Lusk: “This isn’t a climbing movie - it’s a movie about climbers.”

View the trailer at http://www.theoldbreedmovie.com 

The Old Breed is produced by Freddie Wilkinson and Rufus Lusk in conjunction with Cowboy Bear Ninja Productions. It is supported by the American Alpine Club, Mountain Hardwear, Clif Bar, and Sterling Rope. Key sponsorship and underwriting opportunities still exist.


The Old Breed from Cowboy Bear Ninja on Vimeo.


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