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2013 Hueco Rock Rodeo

20th Hueco Rock Rodeo

2nd Hueco Rock Rodeo Youth Comp

President’s Day Weekend  ~  February 15th-17th 2013

5.10, The American Alpine Club, and the community of Hueco Tanks are proud to announce the 20th Hueco Rock Rodeo! This event began in 1989 bringing climbers together and despite restrictions, Hueco’s strong climbing community has come together again and again to make The Hueco Rock Rodeo one of the world’s longest-running outdoor bouldering competitions!

“We are so happy to have 5.10 back presenting the Hueco Rock Rodeo again! 5.10 is behind this event in a big way with lots of product and the prize money!” says Melissa Strong, Hueco Rock Rodeo Event Organizer. “The American Alpine Club is very happy to be a part of the 20th Hueco Rock Rodeo hosting the event at our newly purchased Hueco Rock Ranch.”  says John Bragg, The American Alpine Club. 

The Hueco Rock Rodeo brings climbers of all abilities together for a weekend full of climbing and camaraderie in the world class bouldering destination of Hueco Tanks. Pro climbers and special events scheduled for this year include:

~ Daniel Woods is returning to see if he can win the Rodeo for what would be his fourth consecutive year and top his performance last year—one of the best climbing days of his life where he sent: 1 V11, 2 V12s, 1 V13 and 2 V14s! Woods will also be conducting a Rock Rodeo Climbing Clinic on Sunday February, 17th!

~Paul Robinson will be returning for the first time since he won the Rodeo in 2009 to challenge Daniel for the Mutant Category Title! On Friday February 15th Paul will also be premiering his new movie, Chasing Winter, which showcases his last year of bouldering in South Africa and Europe and conducting a Rodeo Clinic on Sunday.

~ Paige Claassen and Abbey Smith will be presenting The Incan Odyssey—a slideshow about their recent bouldering trip to Peru with Pete Takeda, Mick Follari, and Andy Mann—on Friday February, 15th after pre-registration and dinner. 

~ Angie Payne will present Discovering and Establishing Boulders in Greenland—a slideshow about her recent trip to Greenland with Ethan Pringle, Keith Ladzinski, and Mike Libecki on Saturday February, 16th after the comp. 

~ The Park Staff of Hueco Tanks has made the available First Rodeo Hueco Tanks Rock Art Tour on Friday, February 15th at 2:00pm—embracing the cultural aspects of Hueco. 

~ 2nd Annual HRR Art Show featuring work from local strong climbers and artists Sam Davis (photography – sammydavisphotography.smugmug.com/ and Vanessa Compton (mixed media – krinshawstudios.com) will be on Saturday, February 16th. Selected works will also be available for viewing and purchase throughout the season at the Hueco Rock Rodeo website, huecorodeo.com.

~ 2nd Annual HRR Dyno Comp will be on Saturday, February 16th

~ 2nd Annual HRR Youth Comp will take place on Sunday, February 17th.

~ Sunday evening the competitors and clinic participants will be welcomed back to the Ranch for the Rock Rodeo Round Up BBQ! There will be a food, drinks, beer, fire, live music, and, back by popular demand, the mechanical bull! 

Registration costs $80 per participant and includes climbing Saturday, goody bags filled with Rodeo t-shirts, hats and more, slideshows, movie premier, Saturday night party, two breakfasts, three dinners, and beer!

Ongoing Clinics

Hueco Rodeo Rock Climbing Clinics are being offered throughout the climbing season to help folks advance their climbing skills and get ready for the Rodeo! Clinic dates are January 19th and February, 17th.  Instructors include professional climbers Jason Kehl, Alex Johnson, Daniel Woods, Paul Robinson, Paige Claassen, Nick Duttle, Matty Hong, Nina Williams and climbing coach Kris Peters. Sign-ups, dates, and more info can be found on the website – www.huecorodeo.com.

About the Rock Rodeo

The Hueco Rock Rodeo is a tradition that has been handed down through generations of climbers who love Hueco. The Rodeo proudly supports and donates proceeds to Hueco Tanks State Historic Site and Park (tpwd.state.tx.us/state-parks/hueco-tanks), The Climbers of Hueco Tanks Coalition (huecoclimbers.org) and the El Paso Youth Outreach Program. These organizations work to maintain our privilege to climb at this valuable site while preserving Hueco’s delicate natural and cultural resources and giving back to the local community. We are proud to be continuing the tradition of giving back to Hueco Tanks.

About The Hosts

The 20th Hueco Rock Rodeo is being presented by 5.10 and hosted by the American Alpine Club at their newly purchased property the Hueco Rock Ranch  


More info and registration at www.huecorodeo.com


Gleahterland Ranch, www.facebook.com/pages/Gleatherland-Ranch/150093908438572

Hueco Hacienda, http://www.huecohacienda.com/

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Shindagger, shindagger.com

Send Climbing, sendclimbing.com

Guided Tours:

Wagon Wheel Coopt, wagonwheelcoopt.com

Hueco Tanks State Historical Site, tpwd.state.tx.us/state-parks/hueco-tanks

Local Art:

Photography by Sam Davis, sammydavisphotography.smugmug.com
Photography by Gustavo Mosier, gas-photo.com
Photography by Merrick Ales, merrickales.com
Photography by Beau Kahler, beaukahler.com
Vanessa Compton, Artist, krinshawstudios.com

American Alpine Club in Hueco Tanks
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