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American Alpine Club Regions


Your home crags, gyms, and retail shops are where you spend time and meet other climbers. When you head out on a road trip, the person riding shotgun is often your climbing partner from across town. This is why Regions and Sections are the lifeblood of the AAC.

Every U.S. member lives in an AAC Region and an AAC Section. There are six Regions and about 25 of these sections, some more active than others. Sections connect climbers by organizing social functions, planning climbing outings, giving out local grants, holding annual dinners, gathering for service projects at their local crags, and more. Section events are a great way to get involved in local issues and meet other members in your area.

Find your Region and then your Section. On both pages, you'll find information on Events, how to Volunteer, how to Contact the Club in your area, and more!

Northwest     Western     Rockies      Central     Southeast     Northeast



Northwest Region Page

Welcome to the Northwest! Spanning across Washington, Oregon, Northern Idaho, Montana, and Alaska this region is absolutely packed with phenomenal rock and ice. There are throngs of very active members across the region, so find your Section, meet some good folks, and get out and climb!

Section Pages

Alaska     Cascade     Oregon     Inland     Montana    



Western Region Page

Welcome to the Western Region—California, Nevada, Arizona, and Hawaii—the proud home to peaks, crags, boulders, and big walls of legendary status. From Mt. Shasta and the Southern Cascades to Yosemite and the Sierra Nevada; from Joshua Tree to Red Rocks to the Cochise Stronghold and to every climb in between, our summits and crags boast rich history and epic caliber.

Section Pages

Sierra Nevada     Southwest     Arizona     Hawaii



Rockies Region Page

Welcome to the Rockies! Spanning across Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, and New Mexico, this Region is absolutely full of climbing. You name it, it’s here. There are more AAC members in this Region than in any other. So get out there, meet some climbers, get involved, and have a great time!

Section Pages

Utah     Wyoming      Western Slope     Front Range     New Mexico



Central Region Page

The Central Region encompasses a vast swath of middle America. Every state in the Region has something to climb. Some Central areas—such as Hueco Tanks in Texas, the Black Hills in South Dakota, sandstone boulders at Rock City in Kansas, and Horseshoe Canyon Ranch in Arkansas—are world renowned. You won’t find any huge walls or alpine routes, but poke around for ice during cold snaps, and the Rockies aren’t too far off!

Section Pages

North Central     Heartland     Texas     Midwest     Great Lakes



Southeast Region Page

From clusters of sandstone boulders in Alabama to 1,000’ granite cliffs in North Carolina, the Southeast has an incredible variety of stone. Geologic excellence abounds at destinations such as Laurel Knob, New River Gorge, T-Wall, Obed, Stone Fort (Little Rock City), Horse Pens 40, and dozens of backyard crags. Locals here are hard at work protecting these areas as the community grows in this Region. Many active Sections inhabit this area, so find your Section Chair, get involved, and get out and climb!

Section Pages

Washington DC     Southern Appalachian     Deep South



Northeast Region Page

Spanning from Maine in the north to Maryland in the south, the Northeastern Region of the Club has perhaps the longest climbing history in the nation. From the amazing rock and ice climbing scattered all across the area to the incredibly active local climbing organizations and tradition-filled collegiate climbing clubs, the Northeast has something for every climber. So get out there, meet some climbers, get involved, and have a great time!

Section Pages

New England     New York     Mid Atlantic


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