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The American Alpine Club is always looking for interns. We have a variety of internships—some paid, some not—available at different times. Read below for current availability.

Grand Teton Climbers' Ranch - 2016 Summer Intern

Intern Wall of Fame

Haley Littleton
- Fall 2015

Haley grew up at the foot of the Appalachians in South Carolina, but a love for skiing and bigger mountains brought her to Colorado in 2010 for college. After finishing, Haley spent a brief time in Amsterdam but missed the mountains too much and returned in in the fall of 2014 to start graduate school at the University of Denver. She joined the AAC team in 2015 to work on the 2016 Guidebook, joining her obsessive love for words with her passion for climbing, conservation, and people.

Fletcher Keeley - Summer 2015

Fletcher Keeley originally hails from Greensboro, North Carolina. He moved to Colorado to attend Colorado College and is beginning his senior year after his summer as a marketing intern here at the AAC! Fletcher began his career in the outdoors as a kayak guide on the steep creeks of Southern Appalachia but quickly picked up climbing after moving out to Colorado. As a climber Fletcher loves keeping the stoke high while pursuing long wet routes in the alpine, kitty litter rock in the southeastern Utah desert, and granite splitters in the deep south platte. Here at the AAC he works on digital marketing strategy and analytics and played an important role in our most recent No Excuses Campaign. He looks forward to pursuing more opportunities in the outdoor marketing arena and a lot more rock!

Kaitlin Sullivan - Winter 2014

Kaitlin's a Minnesota-born storyteller who had her heart set on the Rockies since before she can remember. When she finally arrived on their Front Range, she started climbing to conquer her fear of heights. She joined the AAC team as an intern, curating and writing content for the 2015 Guidebook to Membership, working with Sarah Uhl to create the climbing map of all of our dreams.

Michi Arai
- Spring 2014

Michi came to the AAC after graduating from Middlebury College, hoping to pursue climbing and journalism. She was our first publications intern and played an important role in developing the 2014 Accidents and American Alpine Journal. Although Michi began climbing on Italian limestone, she quickly learned to love placing gear in Eldorado Canyon and climbing throughout the western states. We wish her luck as she continues her education in language studies!

Ryan Butler - Summer 2014
Ryan comes from Ithaca, NY although he grew up in Reading, PA. He started going to the climbing gym at a young age when he would follow his brother who worked there. He graduated from Ithaca College with a degree in Outdoor Adventure Leadership, and staying in Ithaca to play music, teach rock climbing, and go to the Adirondacks. He's guided and played a lot in Western North Carolina and grew as a climber there, and still has a soft spot for climbing in the southeast. He was looking a big adventure before starting grad school at Portland State University in the fall, and found it at the Climbers Ranch!

Phil Harris - Summer 2014
Phil grew up in Charlotte, NC and graduated from Appalachian State University in Boone, NC with a degree in Recreation Management. Growing up in the mountains of North Carolina instilled a great love and passion for the natural world. Phil loves to travel and has pursued this passion through expeditions in New Zealand, Patagonia, Alaska, and the Alps. He's an avid skier, rock climber, and resided most recently in Steamboat Springs, CO. He looks forward to continuing to learn about himself through time spent in the mountains.
Liz Regan - Fall 2013
Liz joins us from Happy Valley (cow country), Pennsylvania and is a student of Penn State University studying communications. She started climbing when she was eight years old when her older sister brought her to a local rock climbing gym on a whim. From that moment on, Liz was hooked on climbing. In order to escape the monotony, humidity, and less than ideal climbing scene of PA, Liz sought out an internship at the AAC's headquarters in Golden where she spends her time mixing her two passions; communications and climbing.
Michelle Hoffman - Fall 2013
Born in the city of Baltimore, Maryland, Michelle grew up swimming and eating crab cakes. At 15, she found a climbing gym that had been just 2 miles from her home the whole time. A college acceptance letter and a series of moves later landed her in the heart of New Paltz, New York. With a 10 minute drive to the 'Gunks trailhead, it was easy to spend all of her free time on the cliffs.
Her sophomore year she decided to apply for the American Climber Science Program and the Online Media Internship with the AAC. Getting accepted to both, she immediately packed up her things and, after finals, jumped on a plane to Lima, Peru. There, she spent nine weeks trekking to Machu Picchu and climbing in the Cordillera Blanca. Though, after bad weather on Alpamayo and a near run-in with an avalanche on Chacraraju Este, she resolved to come back to Peru for some unfinished business. Just a few days back home and she was already on her way to Golden, Colorado ready to explore the famous rock and ice climbing areas and snowboard on this thing they call “powder."
Erich Purpur - Summer 2013
Erich Purpur.jpgAfter finishing grad school at the University of North Carolina, Erich could not find a real job so he came to have some fun and work in the AAC's library for the summer on digital library and archives projects. He is from North Carolina and thinks rock climbing in the South is as good as it gets, when it isn't raining. In his spare time he also likes to ski, mountain bike, and play basketball.
Erin Demarco - Spring 2013
Erin Demarco.jpg
Erin landed her internship in Conservation and Advocacy at The AAC mere months after she started climbing. Totally unqualified, but so psyched to play a bigger part in the community, she spent her first couple days walking around the American Mountaineering Center in a state of nirvana. Once she settled in, Erin wrote many awesome stories for Inclined, and composed The GreenPoint, the C&A department's monthly e-newsletter. She still thinks she had the coolest gig in the office!
Thanks to her time at The AAC, Erin learned a lot about climber-science, which inspired her to spend the summer after her internship living and working at the University of Colorado's Mountain Research Station, an interdisciplinary research facility of the Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research. Now, Erin hopes to continue to volunteer for the Front Range Section, and share her love for climbing & the environment with as many people as she can through her writing.
Emma-Bio-Pic.pngEmma Walker - Winter 2011... Spring 2012... Summer 2012... [Ed. Emma should probably be called "Executive Intern". She just never left, and kept doing good work.]
After completing her bachelor's degree at CU-Boulder, Emma wasn't ready to find a real job, so she took a gig as the Information & Marketing Department's perpetual intern. Her biggest project was photo acquisition and selection for the inaugural Guidebook to Membership, which caused her eyes to bleed on numerous occasions. Emma also worked on the AAC's other periodicals, including uploading reports to the American Alpine Journal Online. She assures you that, aside from some minor psychological damage, no interns were harmed in the making of any AAC publication during her tenure. [Ed. Emma lies. She has horrible PTSD.]
Despite a string of less-than-subtle hints from her supervisors that it was time for her to move on, Emma stuck around for seven months before throwing in the towel and moving to Anchorage, Alaska for a graduate program in outdoor education.
BML-InternBio-Pic.jpgBen Mitchell-Lewis - Autumn 2011
Figuring that a move to Colorado to intern with the AAC would net him limitless wealth, Ben Mitchell-Lewis packed up his car and headed to Golden. Four months later, he packed it again and rolled back to New Hampshire with no money but countless skills. A graduate of Colby College, Ben is a New Englander at heart. During his time in Colorado, he found time to ski, bike, and sometimes climb. With no immediate future plans, he'll maybe have more time to get outside, but a lack of dough might necessitate finding a real job. While at the AAC, he worked tirelessly on Inclined, and the brand new publication, the AAC Guidebook to Membership.
Lars Lofgren - Summer 2011lars_lofgren.png
Having graduated from the University of Colorado with a BA in International Affairs, Lars decided to kick start his career by moving into his grandparent's barn. While trying to get both this electricity and pickup to run on dreams (fuel is so 2010), he joined the AAC team. He quickly began scouring the AAC website for defects and improvements—which is almost as much fun a s drinking gasoline jugs spiked with gumdrops and lollipops.
Lars enjoys wielding his ninja marketing powers all over the internets and has been known to decapitate toy antelopes due to his carelessness. No furry toys were harmed while he worked for the AAC.
If you've spent a good deal of time on the site, you've seen his work. If you love the site, Lars thanks you graciously. If you're not fond of it, Lars assures us that you haven't seen his work.
On the off-chance that you'd like to know more about Lars, you can find him at larslofgren.com.
choss boss photo hale melnick.jpgHale Melnick - Summer 2011
Hale Melnick, first-ever AAC intern, graduated from Colorado College in 2010 with an entirely practical degree in International Political Economy. Deciding to make something of his life, an internship at the AAC was his only sensible decision [ Ed. This is clearly false.]. Thus began an enjoyable, productive, and generally strange tenure there.
His major accomplishments include: finding Chris Sharma (no explanation necessary); creating and producing that which is the Choss Boss; creating the Guidebook Map Tool [Ed. True. Thanks.]; writing the best Inclined blogs EVER; and developing Facebook ads that doubtlessly tricked you into joining the AAC.
In August 2011, Hale left the AAC for a job with the Access Fund. He now spends his time saving the world, one crag at a time. He also climbs occasionally.