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Snowbird Hut
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Welcome to the Snowbird Hut, sponsored by the Club's Alaska Section.

—Visit the Alaska Section Page to view the pictorial history of the construction and building of the New Snowbird Hut—


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The Snowbird Hut is beautifully situated in the Talkeetna Mountains on the northern edge of the Snowbird Glacier. The GPS coordinates are: 61 degrees 51.506 North by 149 degrees 12.113 West. View a USGS map of the hut location.

Accessible from Archangel Valley near Hatcher's Pass, the hut is a year round destination for backcountry skiers, climbers and adventurous hikers. The hut is open to the public at no cost. This hut is managed on an open basis and cannot be reserved in advance. There is no fee required to use this hut. This hut does not support commercial operations.

Recreational Highlights:

  • The classic 'Talkeetna Hut-to Hut Traverse' with the MCA's Mint and Bomber Huts.
  • Alpine peak bagging (Higher Spire, Lower Spire).
  • Multi-pitch rock routes on granite ('Because it's There Wall' and 'Independence Buttress').
  • Backcountry skiing and touring.
  • Hiking, alpine scrambling and backpacking.
  • Incredible views and areas to explore and experience.

Your membership supports the Alaska Section and the Snowbird Hut, as well as a whole host of other great things.

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