Chapter chair

Chapter Chair Description

Chapter Chairs are volunteer leaders that organize the AAC at the local level. These individuals are the core of the climbing community in their specific communities, delivering AAC programming to their gyms, crags, and/or local community. 

A Chapters Purpose

AAC Chapters are organized groups of members with common interests.  Any location with a critical mass of members is a very common chapter driver, but chapters can also be created around other interests including preferred climbing discipline, age, gender, or even experience.  The purpose of an AAC Chapter is to better serve members based on what is most important to them.

A successful AAC Chapter provides the following benefits to the climbing community:

  • Organization

    • Establish a basic organizational foundation from which members may pursue activities focused on their local interests and priorities.

  • Resources

    • Provide the resources and guidance to members to deliver local events, develop innovative programs, and advocate for policies on issues such as access, regulation, and conservation that are relevant and important to their local community (and consistent with AAC mission and guidelines).

  • Personalized Member Service

    • Provide on the ground customer service for new and existing American Alpine Club members.

aAC Chapter communities

Chapters are the AAC's touch point with members and local climbing communities. Often times the community dictates what is most important for the chapter to provide. Chapters are engaged in a wide variety of community activities, including: 

  • Educational Clinics

    • Best Practices Rappelling

    • Gym to Crag Clinics

    • Anchor Cleaning Best Practices

    • Universal Belay Method Instruction

  • Conservation

  • Gathering

    • Send and Social / Gym Nights

    • Alpine Pint Night / Pub Clubs

    • AAC Speaker Series

    • Chapter Meetings / Dinners

    • Film Tours - Reel Rock, Adventure Film Fest, 5Point Film Fest, Banff Film Fest

Interested in starting an AAC Chapter in your community?