Culture and History of Climbing

It’s hard to know anything about American climbing without understanding American climbing culture. That’s true about most things, and climbing is no different. Our culture is who were are, the places we inhabit, the artifacts and tangible objects of our sport, our art, our literature, and of course our history. Being a well-educated climber means taking time to know American climbing culture and history. It’s difficult to understand our best practices if one does not appreciate the path that delivered us.

In this section, we draw attention to articles, interviews, and anecdotes that create a portrait of the people, places, and practices that have defined our culture throughout its history. We take a careful look at who we are by learning more about who we have always been.

First up, have a look a Tom Frost and Yvon Chouinard ruminating on ironmongery and the early use of slings to straighten a rope line.

On New Rock Climbing Equipment and Its Use

Then, have a look at John Gill on The Art of Bouldering. Nowadays, no one bothers to stipulate that bouldering achievements are on the cutting of human physical potential. But that wasn’talways the case. Here, John Gill makes his case.

The Art of Bouldering