Current Committees and Representatives


Committees of the Board


Executive Committee: Matt Culberson (President), Deanne Buck (Vice President), Phil Lakin (Treasurer), Kit DesLauriers (Secretary)

Finance Committee: Chair - Phil Lakin, Phil Duff, Jim Frush, Matt Ochs, and Lauren Sigman

Fund Development Committee: Chairs - Mia Axon, Kevin Duncan, and Hilaree O'Neill

Governance Committee: Chair - Brad Brooks, Deanne Buck, Steve Swenson, Matt Culberson, Janet Wilkinson, Chuck Fleischman, and Mia Axon

Investment Committee: Chair - Phil Duff, James P. McCarthy, Jed Williamson and Mark Kroese

Policy Committee: Chair - Janet Wilkinson, Brad Brooks, Peter Metcalf, and Mark Butler

Other Committees


Grand Teton Climbers' Ranch: Chair - William Fetterhoff, Douglas Chabot, Yvon Chouinard, Jack Tackle, Rob Dowse, Ruth Valsing, Ted Wilson, Robert Hyman, David Lee, and Joe Quinn

Huts Committee: Chair - Cody Smith, Todd Hoffman, Jamie Logan, and Travis Spitzer

Legal: Chair - Edward (Ted) Vaill, Sarah Bradley, Morgan Broman, Michael F. Browning, Neale Creamer, David Dreyer, Michael Feldman, Joan Hansen, Mark Lehringer, Robert Loomis, James P. McCarthy, Armando Menocal III, Jack Middleton, John B. Nesbitt, John E. Norberg, Glenn E. Porzak, Don Ralphs, Gregg R. Smith, and Griffith Way

Library Committee: Chair - Ken Ehrhart, Wes Brown, Stan Dempsey, Bob Loveman, Jim Moss, Sallie Greenwood, and Fred Wolfe

Membership Committee: Co-Chair - John Heilprin, Co-Chair - Chas Fisher, Jesse Dwyer, Jenna Johnson, Tim Forbes, Shawn O'Fallon, Pete Ward, and Chris Warner

Yosemite: Chair - Linda McMillan

Awards Committees

The American Alpine Club proudly presents yearly awards to those with outstanding achievements in conservation, climbing and mountaineering. Members of the committees below play a key role in award recipient selection.

The Robert Hicks Bates Award: Chair - Rolando Garibotti, Kelly Cordes and Katy Klutznick

The David R. Brower Conservation Award: Chair - Brad Brooks

The Angelo Heilprin Citation: Chair - Bruce Franks, John Heilprin and John Kascenska

Ad Carter Literary Award: Chair - David Stevenson, Jeff Long, David Roberts, Susan E.B. Schwartz, Steve Roper, Ed Webster, and John Harlin, III

The Robert and Miriam Underhill Award: Chair - Mark Richey, Steve Swenson, Jack Tackle, and Jeff Lowe

Sowles Memorial Award: Chair - Charles Sassara

Honorary Membership: Chair - Jim Donini, Peter Metcalf, Angela Hawse, Greg Crouch

Grants Committees

List coming soon

Banner photo: AAC member Michael Lim