Current Committees and Representatives


Committees of the Board


Executive Committee: Deanne Buck (President), Brad Brooks (Vice President), Phil Lakin (Treasurer), Kevin Duncan (Secretary)

Finance Committee: Chair - Phil Lakin, John Bird, Phil Duff, Jim Frush, and Lauren Sigman

Finance Committee Charter

Fund Development Committee: Chairs - Mia Axon, Kevin Duncan, Kit Deslauriers, Lauren Sigman, David Landman, Pete Ward, Graham Zimmerman, and John Bird

Fund Development Committee Charter

Governance Committee: Chair - Chuck Fleischman, Brad Brooks, Deanne Buck, Steve Swenson, Matt Culberson, Carey Roberts, and Mia Axon

Governance Committee Charter

Investment Committee: Chair - Phil Duff, James P. McCarthy, Jed Williamson and Mark Kroese

Investment Committee Charter

Policy Committee: Chair - Mark Butler, Stacy Bare, Peter Metcalf, John Bird, Pete Ward and Alina Zagaytova

Policy Committee Charter

Membership Committee: Chair - Chas Fisher

Chapters - David Thoenen, Shawn Ryan, Jonathan Wachtel, David Riggs, Emily Cumberland, Erin Lynch, Ally Imbody

Target Markets - Jennifer Bruursema

Benefits and Services - Graham Zimmerman

Member Analytics - Chas Fisher

Membership Committee Charter

Other Committees


Grand Teton Climbers' Ranch: Chair - William Fetterhoff, Douglas Chabot, Yvon Chouinard, Jack Tackle, Rob Dowse, Ruth Valsing, Ted Wilson, Robert Hyman, David Lee, and Joe Quinn

Huts Committee: Chair - Cody Smith, Jamie Logan, and Travis Spitzer

Yosemite: Chair - Linda McMillan

Awards Committees

The American Alpine Club proudly presents yearly awards to those with outstanding achievements in conservation, climbing and mountaineering. Members of the committees below play a key role in award recipient selection.

The Robert Hicks Bates Award: Chair - Rolando Garibotti, Kelly Cordes and Katy Klutznick

The David R. Brower Conservation Award: Chair- Mark Butler, Stacy Bare, Peter Metcalf, John Bird, Pete Ward and Alina Zagaytova

The Angelo Heilprin Citation: Chair - Bruce Franks, John Heilprin and John Kascenska

Ad Carter Literary Award: Chair - David Stevenson, Jeff Long, David Roberts, Steve Roper, Ed Webster, and John Harlin, III

The Robert and Miriam Underhill Award: Chair - Mark Richey, Steve Swenson, and Jack Tackle

Sowles Memorial Award: Chair - Charles Sassara

Honorary Membership: Chair - Jim Donini, Peter Metcalf, Angela Hawse, Greg Crouch

Banner photo: AAC member Michael Lim