to everyone—the 2018 honorees, volunteers, sponsors, party people, and this amazing community—for making the 2018 Excellence in Climbing Celebration such an amazing event!

We gathered. We ate and drank. We celebrated climbers who make the world a better place. We raised money to support the AAC Mountaineering Museum and Library—making history accessible for all to enjoy. We capped it all off by dancing the night away.

Check out photos from the SOLD OUT event below. 


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2018 Hall of Mountaineering Excellence

Three highly accomplished climbers from a variety of backgrounds will be inducted into the Hall of Mountaineering Excellence. Inductees come from all disciplines; mountaineering, rock, ice and mixed. Inductees have had a significant impact on climbing history, but have also made contributions of meaning in other areas relating to the mountains and their vibrant communities. The multi-dimensional inductees have made lasting contributions in the areas of culture, environmental responsibility, community, the arts and sciences. And now we celebrate the sense of teamwork and selfless giving these amazing people have demonstrated!
Danika Gilbert

Danika Gilbert - For her work with ASCEND: Leadership Through Athletics, empowering young Afghan women through climbing to become leaders who are equipped and motivated to help their society transition to peace. More on Danika and her work with ASCEND.

David Roberts

David Roberts - For his storied career as a published author of over 20 books and mentorship of young  authors, preserving and growing the art of storytelling. More on David in this Alpinist interview.

Doug Chabot

Doug Chabot - For co-founding the Iqra Fund, which provides access to quality education, especially for girls in the remote regions of northern Pakistan, improving their quality of life. More on Doug and his inspiring work.

2018 H. Adams Carter Literary AWArd

AAC_Jeff Jackson_EIC_small.jpg

The H. Adams Carter Literary Award was established to recognize excellence in climbing literature by North American writers. Recipients of the award have contributed extensively and over many years to mountain and climbing literature.

Jeff Jackson - For dedicating over a decade of his life to the crafts of writing, editing, and storytelling. He currently serves as editor at large for Rock & Ice.

2018 Hall of Mountaineering Excellence Selection Committee

Thank you to these volunteers for giving their time and expertise to help identify and recognize the Hall of Mountaineering Excellence Inductees.

Chair: Charley Mace

Committee Members: Alison Osius, Libby Sauter, Michael Wejchert, Freddie Wilkinson

Host Committee:

Kevin Duncan, Paul Gagner, Charley Mace, Jim Moss, Alison Osius, Kim Reynolds, Sherry Richardson, Libby Sauter, Lauren Sigman, Michael Wejchart, Freddie Wilkinson

Proceeds Benefit:

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True Heroes of Climbing
"The word hero gets thrown around a lot in climbing. But as impressive as summiting K2 or bouldering V15 might be, the genuine heroes of climbing are those whose achievements help make the world a better place..." 

Women Are On The Rise In The Climbing World
"It was a giant stepping stone,” said Libby Sauter, the award recipient and also the keynote speaker of the night. Sauter is the youngest climber to be added to the Hall, and only one of five women in its history, since the club’s birth more than a century ago..."
-Gear Junkie.com

Banner photo: AAC member Luke Humphrey