Climbers know the power of wild places. However, the vertical frontier in our national parks, forests and desert landscapes are at risk.  The effort to privatize and develop our public lands is mounting and the outdoor community is responding.

Earlier this month, climbers helped stop a bill—House Resolution 621— to sell off 3.3 million acres of our commonly-owned public land. Utah Representative Jason Chaffetz, the Congressman who introduced the bill— received so many letters from climbers, hunters, fishermen and outdoor enthusiasts, that in response, he withdrew the bill. We are grateful to those of you who wrote, signed our public lands petition and made calls to your representatives. To learn more about our public lands, please check out the video by our partners at Outdoor Alliance and then sign the petition at if you haven’t already done so. Our voices matter but if we don’t speak up, we may lose the places that inspire us the most.

Please stay tuned for other ways you can help protect the places we love to climb. 


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