The Front Range Section covers the whole eastern half of Colorado. Climbing has a rich tradition in this section and still continues to thrive in areas like Eldorado Canyon, the Flatirons, Lumpy Ridge, Rocky Mountain National Park, Shelf Road, and hundreds more. For more information on Chapters within the Front Range Section click on the links below.

Meet Your Section Chair:

 Robert Mascarenas is a Colorado native whose passion for natural spaces started at the ripe age of 6 months old while boating in Lake Powell. Frequent family vacations and boy scouts trips into the woods further ingrained this important principal. He likes backcountry snowboarding, canyoneering, sport, trad, mixed and ice climbing - will backpack if it involves any of the above.  A lot of his free time is spent researching alpine ascents when he is not climbing, as well as volunteering with humanitarian organizations to increase the quality of life across the globe.  At any given moment, he may find himself on a last minute flight or midnight drive to catch a sunrise at the crag. Robert aims to make the love of the outdoors contagious.




Banner photo: AAC member Jason Gebauer