Whether you’re new to climbing or have been at it for decades, the AAC is your single best climbing education resource. We have been at the leading edge of climbing education since we began publishing Accidents in North American Climbing in 1948. And today our education team is working with the UIAA and institutions around the country to establish national curriculum and safety standards to improve climbing knowledge and reduce accidents.

Here at the AAC, we take a different approach to education. We believe that learning mechanics is less important than understanding the governing principles behind those mechanics. As a result, the programs and resources here take a knowledge-based approach rather than encourage pre-packaged, prescriptive methods.

Universal Belay Program

The AAC’s Universal Belay Program is designed to help every belayer find a common language and recognizable belay standard to ensure you get a safe catch.

Find a local provider of the AAC Universal Belay Standard, or click the image to learn more information. 

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Know The Ropes

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Ron has been climbing for about 20 years, from boulders to big walls, on rock, ice, and snow. He is one of the world’s foremost authorities on climbing education and safety with decades of experience:

AMGA-certified Rock Guide

Discipline Coordinator, AMGA Single Pitch Instructor

Contributing Technical Editor, Rock Climbing: The AMGA Single Pitch Manual

Author of five FalconGuides: Climbing: Gym to Rock, Climbing: Protection, Climbing: Knots, Climbing: Toproping to Sport, Climbing: Sport to Trad

Author, “Know the Ropes: Protection,” Accidents in North American Mountaineering


Azissa joins the Club from the foothills of South Carolina. At the University of South Carolina she began exploring all the outdoors had to offer and truly became hooked on climbing.

After graduating with a degree in Health Communications and Neuroscience, Azissa chose to pursue climbing instruction and guiding in western North Carolina in 2014.

Over the following years, she pursued a career in commercial guiding and climbing instruction. During this time she became an AMGA Single Pitch Instructor and Apprentice Rock Guide- an education that she hopes to continue growing. Moving from Colorado to Utah and back while exploring everything in between, Azissa decided to settle in Boulder for a while in 2017 and explore the vast amount of climbing and skiing it has to offer.