October 27-29, 2017

The American Alpine Club and CAMP USA are proud to announce the return of the Moab Craggin' Classic! Come enjoy the clear desert air with us here in Moab, UT for another weekend of amazing climbing clinics, festivities, films, presentations, gear giveaways, and stewardship projects!

This 3-day climbing festival, organized in conjunction with local sponsors and guide services, will be a celebration of the heart of canyon country, highlighting the unique and special nature of our region and our community.

The 2017 Moab Craggin Classic will feature films and entertainment; a full lineup of desert-specific climbing clinics taught by professional athletes and local climbing guides; a climber’s celebration held in the new Moab Boulder Park, featuring local food, live music, and silent auctions and raffles with incredible deals on top-end gear. Sunday, join us for a free volunteer breakfast provided by the Love Muffin, followed by our local stewardship project.

We know you’ll be here already. Let's party together for the return of the Moab Craggin’ Classic!


*Registration is currently closed, but will open on 8/28/17. Tickets are limited and will sell out. Please check back later for more information. All details listed below are subject to change until registration is officially open.

Includes: Event Camping & Event entrance Friday, Saturday, and Sunday including access to all entertainment (some limited seating may apply); AAC trucker hat and event cup; beer for those 21+; and a Sunday volunteer local breakfast and coffee from Love Muffin Cafe. Event ticket price does not include clinics.

Up your game with an array of climbing clinics taught by professional climbing athletes and local guides. All clinics run Saturday, October 28th from 8:00am to 4:00pm. See below for clinic descriptions and details.

*Current AAC members will receive a 10% discount upon registration checkout.



  • 7:30 PM: Karl Kelly Slideshow
    Meet us Friday night at the Moab Boulder Park, our event headquarters, to see local guidebook author and climbing aficionado Karl Kelley give a slide show of his first ascents and decades of climbing in the area.

    When he’s not cooking at his world-famous restaurant, the Desert Bistro, Karl has been putting up first ascents voraciously in the Moab area for over a decade. He’s also a fastidious note-taker, and with his new Indian Creek guidebook, Karl will again re-define the guidebook standard for the region. Other local legends have been known to make guest appearances..

  • 9:30 PM: After-Party at Moab Brewery
    After a lesson in desert bad-assery, walk down Main Street to the Moab Brewery (686 S Main St. Moab, UT 84532) and enjoy a beer on the house. Food and additional local craft brews from Moab Brewery available for purchase of course!


  • 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM: Climbing Clinics taught by Professional Climbers and Local Guides
    Learning from those that are masters at their craft can seriously benefit your climbing. Sign up for a climbing clinic taught by the professional climbing athletes and local climbing guides and up your game. Everyone has something to learn. Climbers of all abilities are welcome, though basic climbing knowledge and proficiency is expected.

    Please show up 15-20 minutes early, ready to go, at the Moab Information Center parking lot, at the southeast corner of Center and Main Streets. 
    See below for clinic descriptions and details.
  • 4:00 PM: Climber Celebration Party on the River
    Join the tribe for our party and community gathering in Moab’s new Boulder Park! The evening will feature our signature trivia game and gear giveaway; free beer provided by the Moab Brewery(21+); a generous silent auction and raffle featuring amazing deals on top end gear; vendor village and games; local food; and more! Enjoy an October evening in one of America’s greatest small desert towns.
  • 8:00 PM: TBA Evening Entertainment
    Film or guest slideshow, details TBA. Seating is limited and space is not guaranteed, so get your tickets asap!


  • 8:30 AM: Volunteer Breakfast in downtown Moab
    Rally the crew back to our event headquarters in downtown Moab for a free volunteer breakfast hosted by the one-and-only Love Muffin Cafe, one of Moab’s best and most revered breakfast spots. Enjoy local grub and coffee while discussing local land management issues with the folks from our local BLM offices.
  • 9:00 AM: Moab Stewardship Project
    Join in and give back to Moab crags long with the local offices of our federal land management agencies! Fully caffeinated and with a full stomach, sign up for a stewardship project to do your part in giving back and taking ownership of the great climbing and fragile ecosystem of the Moab Desert, all of which is on your federal lands! Roll up your sleeves and get involved with our local federal land management agencies in helping to keep our climbing areas clean and sustainable! Meet at the Moab Boulder Park at the intersection of Highways 128 and 191, just North of Moab.


Learning from those that are masters at their craft can seriously benefit your climbing. Take your climbing to a new level by signing up for a climbing clinic taught by professional climbers and local guides! All guides taking part in the Moab Craggin' Classic are local folks--desert rats with hard and true knowledge of our diverse canyonlands terrain. Climbers of all abilities are welcome, though basic climbing knowledge and proficiency is expected.

Clinics for the Moab Craggin’ Classic will be held on Saturday, October 28th from 8:00am to 4:00pm, weather permitting. Clinics will begin promptly at 8:00am. Please meet at the Moab Information Center in downtown Moab, at the southeast corner of Main and Center Streets. Arrive 15 minutes early, prepared to learn from the best.

Personal Equipment Needed: Personal climbing equipment including shoes, harness, chalk, helmet, personal anchor and belay/rappel equipment, hiking shoes, lunch/calories, hydration, and appropriate clothing for climbing.

*Clinic details are currently TBA. Please check back later for more information.

  • HUGE DAYS WITH A LIGHT RACK with Rob Pizem, presented by CAMP USA
    There are few things more fascinating or fulfilling than proficiently negotiating technical terrain on huge rock routes. Here, proficiency is the key … when everything we know and all the training we do comes together to create a very particular kind of accomplishment. This clinic is designed to explore the strategies and tactics involved in trying to improve our efficiency on big multi-pitch rock routes so we can ultimately move faster and climb higher. We will be studying the skills, the gear, and our objectives in order to distill this vast subject matter down to a digestible set of strategies and tactics that we can exercise in our regular climbing and training routines. The CAMP athletes teaching these clinics are absolute experts on the subject with bold first ascents around the world and numerous speed records across the United States from the Naked Edge in Eldorado Canyon to the Nose on El Capitan. See the clinic curriculum for more details
  • THE ART OF THE PROJECT with Ben Rueck, presented by CAMP USA
    The Art of the Project is an intensive clinic designed to help climbers break into new levels of difficulty within a single pitch environment. To develop the curriculum, we worked with CAMP athlete Ben Rueck who credits his growth as a climber to learning and understanding the art of project. The curriculum is designed to put a structure behind projecting that can be used to dissect and accomplish our objectives. The clinic covers the emotional, mental, and physical parts of the process from the perspective of athletes who have had to use these very tools to push their climbing to new levels.

    Here is a short introduction from the author and instructor:
    "Two years and over 50 falls had gone into trying to send Gutless Wonder (5.14b), my first climb at that grade.  I can only estimate the falls because after thirty of them, I’d just quit counting.  I wanted to walk away from the 50 degree lime stone wall and sweep the idea of red-pointing this Colorado test piece under the rug.  But I couldn’t and I wouldn’t.  There was an indescribable pull that forced me to grow as a climber and as a person –– as well as plant the seed for this clinic.  It all started with a simple shift in my mental framework, ‘It is not so much the Why, but the How that matters.’

    Easy phrase to speak aloud, but it took ten years for me to grasp and understand …

    I needed to stop asking why I could not climb the sequence and I needed to start asking how I could climb the sequence. Suddenly a map opened before me and I could understand the things that needed to happen if I was going to succeed. That map is what I have tried to put structure behind for clinic attendees."

  • KNOWING THE ROPES, presented by the American Alpine Club
    AAC Education has been taking controversial climbing topics head on for the last 6 years. The most controversial topics in climbing tend to generate fervor because misinformation, dogma, and rigid problem-solving often characterize what we think we know about some of the most foundational skills in American climbing. These knowledge gaps often lead to accidents, but it’s not always the novice climber that gets hurt. Intermediate and advanced climbers also fall victim to knowledge gaps.

    The Know the Ropes sampler is a clinic for any climber that wants to get off the Mountain Project forum and have a real hands-on myth-busting, set-the-record-straight, interactive educational session on the following topics: Belaying in single pitch and multipitch; Rappelling; Cleaning an anchor in a single pitch setting; Anchor building.

    • PREREQUISITES: This clinic is appropriate for any climber at any phase in their climbing.  If participants have prior experience with the clinic topics, the clinic can be more hands-on.  If not, the clinic still has informational value for those that might not yet be ready to practice in 5th class terrain.

    • EQUIPMENT NEEDED: Personal climbing equipment (helmet, harness, climbing shoes, belay hardware, any anchor building equipment). Personal Items such as food, water, sunscreen, bugspray, camera, note taking tools. Appropriate apparel and footwear (clinics may require a short hike and will be conducted outdoors).

  • IMPROVISED SELF-RESCUE, presented by the American Alpine Club
    Self-Rescue curricula rarely focus on the scenarios that actually routinely happen. Our clinic will spend less time focusing on unlikely scenarios like incapacitated climbers or leader-rescue and more time focusing on the awkward scenarios that every climber eventually experiences: Rope gets stuck when you try to pull it; Rope Drag is so severe the leader can’t move; I dropped my belay device; My rope doesn’t make it to the next rap station.

    • PREREQUISITES: This clinic has value for any climber at any phase in their climbing.  If participants to do not have traditional lead climbing experience or multi pitch climbing experience, the hands-on portions of the clinics will likely be limited to ground school.

    • EQUIPMENT NEEDED: Specific rescue tools (2 5mm nylon prussic loops or Sterling Hollowblocks, 2 48" slings, 2 7mm nylon cordellette, a mechanical assisted braking device, a tube style belay device with plaquette function like an ATC Guide or Reverso, 4 extra HMS style locking carabiners). Personal climbing equipment (helmet, harness, climbing shoes, belay hardware, lead climbing and anchor building tools). Personal Items such as food, water, sunscreen, bugspray, camera, note taking tools, etc. Appropriate apparel and footwear (clinics may require a short hike and will be conducted outdoors).


Our camping will be centralized this year at the Goose Island Campground, on Highway 128, just outside of Moab on the Colorado River. The bike path leads directly into downtown Moab as well as the Boulder Park, where our event headquarters will be held.

Bring your bikes! You'll want them to quickly travel between our camping and the event headquarters in Boulder Park. Also, those arriving on bicycles to the main Saturday night gathering will be given an extra drink ticket!

Show your event bracelet at the following local merchants in Moab during the event weekend to secure some great discounts!

  • Pagan Mountaineering, TBA
  • Moab Gear Trader, TBA

Questions ?
If you have any questions regarding the Moab Craggin' Classic, please contact Event Coordinator Nate Sydnor at [email protected]

The 2017 Moab Craggin' Classic is presented by:

Banner photo: AAC staff member Adam Peters