Our Policy Work

Climbers have a vested interest in what happens in D.C., and showing up to make our voice heard is key to the future of the sport. By working together, with the industry and partner organizations, we are stronger as a community.
— Brad Brooks, AAC Board Member, Policy Committee

Many of our country's most beautiful and adventurous climbing areas are on federally managed public lands. From Yosemite's sterling granite walls, to the towers and cracks of Bears Ears National Monument, to the committing ocean-misted cliffs of Acadia National Park, climbers benefit greatly from protected public lands.

But right now, we are experiencing unprecedented threats to our public lands. Both state and federal lawmakers have introduced measures threatening to sell off millions of acres, weaken public management, underfund land management agencies, or increase development at the cost of public access. These measures threaten climbing and outdoor recreation on our public lands, and they threaten the fundamental American notion that our public lands belong to everyone.

We believe that public lands must remain in public hands. Our goal is to educate and inspire climbers and policymakers to understand and act on issues impacting the climbing community. Check out what we're up to:

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Banner and BENM box photo courtesy of Jason Gebauer