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Sierra Nevada Section Announces John L. Horn Memorial Sport Climbing Award


The John L. Horn Memorial Sport Climbing Award, sponsored by the American Alpine Club, provides an opportunity for young members of the American Alpine Club’s Sierra Nevada section to explore the world, and expand their life’s adventures, aspirations, and connections. This grant is designed for young people who share John’s passion for this particular branch of climbing, and who, as awardees, are willing to serve as lifelong sport climbing ambassadors to the larger climbing community. For John, the “spirit of sport climbing” encompassed these important values: competition (in the purest sense), the drive for success, camaraderie, and, above all, the love of adventure.

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Award Requirements:

The John L. Horn Memorial Sport Climbing Award will be awarded annually to a young woman and young man residing in the Sierra Nevada Section of the American Alpine Club. Qualified applicants will be between the ages of 18 and 25 and an AAC member. The award committee will attempt to designate 2 awards of $2500 each, and will give preference to those who propose well-planned trips targeting sport climbing destinations outside of the United States. Qualified applicants will need to demonstrate a high-level of proficiency in sport climbing ability and safety practices, yet not be a professional or sponsored climbing athlete.

Award recipients will also be required to:

  • Share their award adventure with AAC Sierra Nevada Section members through a live presentation at a Section event after their return. This should include a slide show or video presentation edited and narrated by the awardee. Award recipients must also show in this presentation how their AAC-funded sport climbing adventure has helped them to achieve other valuable goals or aspirations.
  • File a trip report within 6 months of returning with the American Alpine Club.
  • Serve on the award committee on the year following receipt of the award, in order to perpetuate and expand the award’s objectives.

The committee will review applications between June 1-June 30, 2012 and recipients will be notified in early July,2012.  For further information, visit johnlhornaward.org.

Please submit your application electronically to grants@americanalpineclub.org. In subject line: Horn Grant.

Download the Application

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