Projects and Outreach

A couple things uniquely position AAC Education in the American climbing community. First of all, our members keep us abreast of every corner of American climbing, from Alaska to Miami to Mount Katahdin to Joshua Tree. Being a national climbing organization helps us keep the multiplicity of our sport in perspective. Second, we’ve been recording accident data for over 60 years, so we have a unique tool for seeing the sport’s growing pains.

Education Outreach, in every shape, is the club’s attempt to make a cogent response to the needs of the community. When the AAC conducts a national education campaign, we do so because our data and our members suggest that education is needed in that part of climbing in particular.

Our current campaign involves a national initiative to recalibrate the way we understand, instruct, and debate belaying practices.

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UIAA Mountain Trekking Instructor Certification