Do You Take Reservations? Are they required?

Yes! Online reservations are now available and highly encouraged. A very small number of spaces will be kept aside on a first-come basis. Please see

Is the Barn open for day use?

Yes! The barn is now open to the public with picnic tables, WiFi, and outlets. Take a break from the rain or the sun!

Why don't you have 'real' bathrooms? I hate porta-potties!

The installation of toilets and/or showers will require both a new septic system and drinking water well. The current septic can only support the exiting house, and the volume of water needed to support new bathrooms will require an additional supply. We are working with an engineer and the State of NH to see if the property *could* support a large enough system. Additionally, the costs associated with these improvements will be significant.  Long story made short - we are exploring the option, but it's a process and a large financial commitment.

What are the 'camping sites' like? 

The campground is made up of large communal fields and forested areas. With the exception of a few areas, you are welcome to set-up your tents anywhere on the property that is most comfortable for you. 

What do I get when I stay in the bunkroom?

When you stay in our 6-person bunk room you get a bunk, mattress, and pillow (please bring your own sleeping bag/bedding). You also have access to a fully outfitted kitchen for meal prep, a bathroom with shower, a living room, and free WiFi. No dogs are allowed to stay in the house or bunk room.

Are fires allowed? 

Fires are restricted to the communal fire pits. Please do not make a fire outside of the established fire pits. 

Why can't I have a fire right outside my tent? Why communal fire pits?

All AAC campgrounds are community gathering spaces, we encourage people to meet their neighbors, share stories, and make new friends around the fire rings. There are several picnic tables and fire rings. 

The entire camping area sits in a flood plain. Each seasonal flood destroys the fire pits and we lose several picnic tables. We also like to keep pollution from smoke to a minimum.

Wait... am I going to be washed away in a flood?!

We sure hope not! The campground manager will monitor the stream gauge closely and inform campers if there is any immediate danger. In the event of a sudden flood, the rally point is the barn. Luckily, times of heavy rain are bad times to climb. 

Can I park my car at the campground for just the day while I climb?

Yes! You are welcome to park in the signed day parking area (in the field behind the barn). Fee is $5 per day (the same rate as the National Forest parking area located directly across the street). Pay at the self-service pay station when you arrive. Please be careful when crossing Buffalo Road to access the crags.

How does the self-service pay station work?

Grab an envelope from the box located next to the welcome sign (on the left as you drive in). Write the following on the envelope: vehicle type and plate #, your name and cell #, along with payment. Put the fee in the envelope and place it in the deposit box. The Campground Manager will check the registration with the vehicles in the campground.

What if I don't have cash to pay for parking?

Find the Campground Manager. The Manager can take payment with credit card. 

Can I park and sleep in my vehicle overnight?

Yes! The fee is the same as tenting in the Communal Area.

Can I reserve a specific site when I make a reservation?

There are no 'specific' sites. The property is open and communal. 

If the Campground Manager is off-site how do I get in touch with them?

Please call the campground phone at 603-213-8011 for immediate needs. Email [email protected] for other questions. 

What should I bring?

Standard car-camping gear. If you are going to use a hammock or tarp to cover tents, padding for your cord around trees is required.

Can I bring my dog?

Well-behaved dogs are welcome at the campground as long as they are restrained at all times. If your dog is a nuisance, or the Manager believes it to be dangerous, you will have to leave. Please do not leave your dog unattended. Please pick up all dog waste!! Please note: NO DOGS ARE ALLOWED in the bunkroom or house. 

When is the Rattlesnake Campground open?

We are usually open from around the first week of April to around the first week of November, although this all depends on weather conditions. 

Accommodations include:

-Large communal camping area, with shared picnic tables and fire rings

-Open barn with tables and small library, outlets, and WiFi

-Trash dumpster

-Sinks with potable water (on south side of barn)


-Across the street from climbing, you won't have to pay for parking!

Banner photo: AAC member Anne Skidmore Photography