Do You Take Reservations? Are they required?

Yes, we do take reservations for large groups. Please email [email protected] to reserve space for your group. Online reservations will soon be available for everyone. Online reservations will allow you to pay for a communal spot, or reserve a private site. 

In the meantime, all sites (unless marked with a number 1 through 5) are open and communal. Please share a fire pit and meet your neighbors! 


What is the Communal Camping Area

With the exception of sites labeled 1-5 (reserved ahead of time for large groups), all camp "sites" are communal. This means guest are encouraged to meet their neighbors and share a fire pit or picnic table. 


Can I park my car at the campground for just the day while I climb?

Yes! You are welcome to park in the signed day parking area (in the field behind the barn). Fee is $5 per day (the same rate as the National Forest parking area located directly across the street). Pay at the self-service pay station when you arrive. Please be careful when crossing Buffalo Road to access the crags.


Can I park and sleep in my vehicle overnight?

Yes! Either park your vehicle for the night in the day-parking area, or drive up to the Communal Camping Area. The fee is the same as tenting in the Communal Area.


How does the self-service pay station work?

Grab an envelope from the box located next to the welcome sign (on the left as you drive in). Write the following on the envelope: "Camping" or "day-parking", # of nights (if camping), vehicle type and plate #, your name and cell #, and total $$ included. Put the fee in the envelope and place it in the deposit box. The Campground caretaker will check the registration with the vehicles in the campground.

Payment at the campground is cash only. 


Can I reserve a specific site when I make a reservation?

Soon! Reserving a private site will be available soon through the online reservation system.

Note: If you are a large group (college group, large guided trip, etc.), please email [email protected] and request an area be assigned to your group.


If the caretaker is off-site how do I get in touch with them?

Please call the campground phone at 603-213-8011.


What should I bring?

Standard car-camping gear. If you are going to use a hammock or tarp to cover tents, padding for your cord around trees is required.


Can I have a fire in my campsite? Where do I get firewood?

Yes. Please keep fires small, or walk on up to an existing fire and meet your neighbors. Wood must be brought to the site, please do not harvest firewood from the property.


Can I bring my dog?

Well-behaved dogs are welcome as long as they are restrained at all times. If your dog is a nuisance, or the Caretaker believes it to be dangerous, you will have to leave. Please do not leave your dog unattended. 


When is the Rattlesnake Campground open?

We are usually open from around the first week of April to around the first week of November, although this all depends on weather conditions. 


Accommodations include:

-Large communal camping area, with shared picnic tables and fire rings

-Trash dumpster

-Water spigot (at back of barn)


Banner photo: AAC member Anne Skidmore Photography