S.E. Michigan CHAPTER:


Erin Lynch- Chapter Chair

Erin Lynch hails from the suburbs of west Philadelphia, and learned to climb in college. As a student of geology, Erin’s first exposure to rock scrambling was primarily an academic pursuit, but inevitably, it grew into something more. Now living in southeast Michigan, her obsession with rocks continues. Erin is currently pursuing another degree in Earth Science, but works hard to convince friends to road-trip with her to the climbing destinations (often far from Southeast Michigan) of middle North America as often as she can.


Max Bellemare - Chapter Co-Chair

I was first exposed to the outdoors through scouts, and while in Montreal for school, I volunteered as Gear Manager for the McGill Outdoors Club. There, I quickly started climbing all over Quebec, New England. In 2016, I moved back to Michigan and feverishly kept on climbing even if the closest crags were hours away. I become a member of the AAC in 2016; prior to that I was a member of the Alpine Club of Canada. I eventually got involved with the chapter helping organized events and become co-chair. As co-chair, I look forward to passing on my skills and knowledge to newcomers of the sport.

During the week I work as an Automotive Engineer, in my spare time however I enjoy to running, scuba living, skiing, backpacking and climbing. I have been blessed to have climbed in Quebec, Vermont, New York, New Hampshire, Ontario, Michigan, Kentucky, and New Zealand.