The Robert and Miriam Underhill Awardees

Robert L. M. and Miriam O'Brien Underhill are recognized as two of the great pioneers in American mountaineering. In their memory, The American Alpine Club has established the Robert and Miriam Underhill Award for outstanding mountaineering achievement. It is to be given annually to a person who, in the opinion of the selection committee, has demonstrated the highest level of skill in the mountaineering arts and who, through the application of this skill, courage, and perseverance, has achieved outstanding success in the various fields of mountaineering endeavor.

Mark Twight: 2017
Kevin Mahoney: 2016
Kim Schmitz: 2015
Steve House: 2014
Tom Frost: 2013
Mark Richey: 2012
Fred Beckey: 2011
Royal Robbins: 2010
Layton Kor: 2009
John Gill: 2008
Carlos Buhler: 2007
Henry Barber: 2006
Mark Wilford: 2005
Charlie Fowler: 2004
Jay Smith: 2003
Conrad Anker & Nancy Feagin: 2002
Annie Whitehouse: 2000
Jim Bridwell: 2000
Jack Tackle: 1999
Jim Donini: 1999
Allen Steck: 1998
Steven J. Swenson: 1997
Greg Child: 1996
Robyn Erbesfield: 1996
Stewart Alexander (Alex) Lowe: 1995
Alison Keith Osius: 1994
Michael P. Kennedy: 1994
Louis F. Reichardt: 1993
Terrance Manbeck Mugs Stump (Posthumously): 1992
Catherine Calhoun Grisson: 1991
Peter Croft: 1991
George Lowe: 1990
Yvon Chouinard: 1989
Todd Skinner: 1988
Paul Piana Awarded: 1988
Catherine M. Freer (Posthumously): 1987
Jeff Lowe Awarded: 1986
David Finlay Breashears: 1985
Lynn Marie Hill: 1984
John Roskelley: 1983
John Bachar: 1983