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UIAA Volunteer

Mountain Qualification Labels

are internationally recognized volunteer leader certifications in eight different disciplines: Summer Hiking and Scrambling, Winter Hiking and Scrambling, Sport Climbing, Traditional Climbing, Ice Climbing, Alpine Climbing, Ski Mountaineering, and Canyoneering. Utilizing the framework developed by the International Climbing and Mountaineering Federation (UIAA), American mountain clubs have crafted a national standard built by volunteers, for volunteers


You, Your Club, Your Nation, The World

Becoming certified is much more than an individual journey. The benefits extend from you and your fellow volunteers to a national and international stage. Through standardization a common language is born, a conversation begins, and a connection forms. 

Consistency-Certification standards encourage consistent skills, knowledge, & quality across certified Leaders and between clubs  

Safety-The UIAA & American Alpine Club provide third-party oversight, guidance, and resources to help you stay on the cutting edge of safety and modern techniques

Excellence-By investing extra time and effort in attaining certification, you position yourself at the forefront of your discipline and gain a voice in a larger conversation  

Community- Becoming certified connects you to the wider community of certified Leaders, American mountain clubs, the AAC, the UIAA, and international mountain clubs. 


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