Utah may be one of the most diverse and beautiful climbing states in the country. Castle Valley and Indian Creek areas are as iconic as it comes in American climbing. However, Utah hosts so much more including mega limestone sport crags of the SW part of the state, the boulders of Joe’s Valley and beautiful mountainous zones in the Wasatch and Uintas.


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Meet Your Section Chairs:

Blake Summers started his days in Austin, Texas. While proud of his Texan heritage, he is grateful to have been moved to the foothills of Colorado at a young age. Blake owes a debt of gratitude to his father for introducing him to the Rockies and adventure. Blake resides in Park City, Utah where he has skied and boarded 100+ days a season for the last 16 years and aims to climb at least that much every year. Blake shares his passion for the mountains with others by working as a climbing guide for White Pine Touring in Park City, volunteering for the Salt Lake Climbers Alliance and the great community that is the AAC.


Indian Creek Trail Days:

Banner photo: AAC member Jason Gebauer
Photo gallery: AAC staff member Adam Peters